Nailed Down

Written By David Strege


Coming to us from Angry Lunch Productions as well as Chad Armstrongs Legless Corpse films is a film directed by Harley David Morris from 2015.

The film begins as a preacher Father Bellis in his church finishes a sermon as a hooded man who me we later find out is Jason Hugo, is left sitting in some pews the Father goes and gives him words of encouragement to turn to god.

Next we see a Adam Nash checking his phone at a coffee shop as he waits for his lady friend who works for the government. Adam is a salesman and stressed about premiums going up and down.

Somethings bothering him he can’t talk about it right now he leaves and then appears to walk into a darkened home, his I think since he used keys but someone was watching from the street need a car in the shadows unbeknownst.


We see the someone only hands walk up the drive hammer in hand, open the door, walk up the stairs.  Adam is taking a shower he gets out looks around gets dressed, goes to the kitchen gets clobbered by the assailent which is Jason. Adam wakes up strapped to a chair demands to be let go but the assailent Jason is insistent that it doesn’t matter hell be dead tomorrow.  So he proceeded to torture Adam by hammering nails multiple times into the man he’s strapped as he talks about the point of no return where man goes past… darkness… only way out… the need to see it through…


Claims everything he does is for a purpose, a reason. Apparently the man has screwed with him somehow someway so he screws, screws into his toes til Adam grows unconscious.


Meanwhile there’s a detective who just had a divorce being final when he gets handed a case of possible disappearance.  He check into the matter as Adam hadn’t been seen for a day being that it’s a weekend he could have just been out drinking but his lady friend is insistent that he always calls.


Meanwhile Jason stops into a comic book store slash grocery store which apparently he hadn’t been to since he was having flashbacks of younger days in high school when things were simpler.  Employees asked after him and had heard of his wife and childs recent homicide.

Jason returns and makes up a bowl of something he filled with thumb tacks and walked into the room he’d tied Adam up in gives him the bowl convinces him to calm down that he has to keep his strength up and Adam takes the bowls eats from it you see blood spill down as he cries out in pain.  After a while Jason comes back and continues to hammer him til Adam confesses that he’d killed his wife and son by slitting his throat but described it… he told her to fuck him and wanted her to see him while he did but all she cared about was his brat and what happened to him.  She fought him at first but in the end he won he got pleasure from her pain seeing her hurt enjoyed the final moments of each of their deaths…. and after this confession somehow Adam got loose and Jason and Adam Struggled with eachother…

The detective finally arrived where Adam lived and found the shed where he was taken…. Did either man survive?

Ultimately I think this film was made to make people sit back and think.  It showed the thoughts of a man bent on revenge and what the person who did wrong how he felt as well under pressure and also the lengths a man will go when he looses everything including his faith. Which I think was the intent with the biblical verses and the reason Jason went and sat in the church.

I enjoyed the message but there were a lot of Audio problems with the film I kept having to turn it up and down as well as low volume in the seen when Adams in the Coffee Shop with his Lady Friend was hard to hear the conversation was a little mufffled.

But I give this film a 3 out of 5 star rating and recommend for the psychological thinkers there is definitely a message portrayed here.

What would you do if a man had killed your family all because he coveted what you had?

Starring Wesley Hinkle as Jason Hugo, Kenn Parks as Adam Nash, Christie Troxell as Stacye Hugo / Jason’s Wife, Elijah Malone as Jon Hugo, Daniel Thompson as Comic Store Manager, Victoria Edgar as Jill’s Friend Sandy, Shakila Walker as Host’s Friend, Dennis Grinar as Comic Shop Clerk, Ron Ernspiker as Constable Simon Baker, Adam Lewis as Constable Matt Barnes, Maria Pollard as Sgt. McCullin, James Tackett as Father Bellis, Mackenzie Jones as Church Member, James Swindler as Cafe’ Patron, Leroy Spectre as Cafe’ Patron, Rebecca Mills-Meredith as Cafe’ Patron, Ashley Lee as Cafe’ Patron, Nicole Hugo as Cafe’ Patron, Iesha Hensley as Cafe’ Patron, Sandy Alvarez as Cafe’ Patron, Christopher Folan as Church Member, Lucian Tomes Jr. as Church Member, Keith Franklin as Church Member, Joshua Grumbling as Church member, Tim Rose as Church Member, Eric Suddeth as Church Member, Quinton Washington as Church Member, Mathew S. Douglas as Smoker, Wesley Hinkle as Host, Cody Lawson as Young Adam Nash, Elijah Malone as Host’s Son, Harley David Morris as Bartender, Cristina Mullins as Guest’s Girfriend, Warren Ray as Detective Raymond Bennett, Tony Tatsumaki as Young Jason Hugo, Chase Wolfe as Jason’s High School Girlfriend.


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