Death Scort Service

Written By David Strege


Coming to us from the Sleaze Box and Gatorblade Films directed by Sean Donahue from 2015.

Michelle is in an escort service with a group of friends but she has a past that haunts her.  A murder is on her hands even if it wasn’t her that committed the crime.


How an escort service works on a normal basis is the customer calls with a time and hook up place for the girl in question and then the two have at it anything with bdsm or otherwise costs extra.


There is a mysterious caller that is calling every single girl connected to Michelle.killing them one by one.

Missy was a girl that had run away from her family and needed help so Michelle got her into the business by sending her in to a client that likes it rough but well… he killed her and Michelle ran away knowing that she died.


Whoever it is that is killing the girls knows this and is after revenge on all involved. Would you like to get strangled or get stabbed in a shower, die in a tub? Sign up for the deathsso Scott service where you’ll make a killer living!


Now I enjoyed this film but it did get kinda slow twords the end there’s a part where there’s screaming that was just way to over the top for my liking but it did have an edge to it leading up to the climax.  The voice of the mysterious caller was certainly original.  Of coarse while I was watching I couldn’t help but think of the voice from Scary Movie the dude with the scream face and hood that there were similarities. But I thoroughly did enjoy the film as a whole and give it a 3 out of 5 star rating and recommend for all you slasher seekers.


Starring Krystal Pixie Adams as Michelle, Ashley Lynn Caputo as Missy, Sean Donohue as John#1 / Strip Club Patron#1, Cayt Feinics as Jamie, Bob Glazier as Buddy, Lisa Marie Kart as Beverly, Joe Makowski as Mysterious Driver, Jessica Morgan as Tara, Bailey Paige as Erica, Alice Reigns as Julie, Evan Stone as T.V. Personality, Paula Tsuara as Candy, Amanda Welch as Dakota, Geneva Whitmore as Pamela, Chris Woods as John #2 / Strip Club Patron #2, Joel D. Wynkoop as Angus, Amethist Young as Gwen.


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