Badass Monster Killer

Written by David Strege


Watch out folks this movie was as if Dolemite, Dragnet and Sin City crafted a love child with H. P. Lovecraft!

Brought to us by TFO Productions from 2015 and Directed by the same director as Planet of the Vampire Women and Monster From Bikini Beach my oh my does he bring Jimmy Chevelle to the Small screen.


5 years ago Jimmy and his female partner brought down a satanic badass but apparently lost her in a fire but we learn this through images throughout the film.

One thing is evident she made him promise to take care of her sweet Chevelle ride as he pledged to take down every demigod evil motherfucker in town.  On the lead of a new drug trafficker in town he gathers up women on his assistant kicking sojourn to kick some cathulu dawn ass back to the leader himself but before I get ahead of myself let’s start at the beginning…


A pimp in town is hassling his lead girl for dough when another pimp with some other turf comes along angry at this pimp foe being so abusive and not sticking to his side of the street seeing as he’s gotta sweat that beautiful piece of ass for money that’s just not coming in.  All of a sudden this other pimp turns into a creature with tentacles and teeth in his stomach making the abusive pimp get his face chomped when out of nowhere Jimmy Chevelle speeds into view in his Chevelle and saves the chick.  Takes her back to his pad and they make out and lock lips as he states again that he’s a secret agent with a department of supernatural security that no one even knows exists that seems to get the chick’s every time.


He then reports to his chief of his division while she reads his reports with sappy comebacks and swears a little over the top explanation of his escapades of course he’d recovered a badge that is the simble of the devil for this diabolical secret evil cult that had been involved in the death of his partner. So he’s tasked with going out and searching the streets with each snitch to figure out who might know the wearabouts of the cult.


Jimmy Cheverly then encounters a strip joint that tells him he doesn’t want to know about it run by an evil necronomical creature that soon as he opens his throat he shoots phlegm that’s filled with sulphuric acid as he just about melts every patron in the joint Jimmy finally turns the phlegmic mutations own gargle around on his sorry ass and saves another chick.


Back at the pad Jimmy is enjoying a very lucid lusty lesion tris when interrupted by and unexpected pizza delivery.  Only the pizza isn’t just pizza it’s also a necronical squid looking like monsters sent to put Jimmy out of his misery since he’s apparently been noticed by the cult in question.  The pizza assassin failing they send some other creatures that look like thumb cactus’s with tentacles and pinchers reminds me of claymation.


Meanwhile his captain keeps getting his reports and chewing his ass out about language and such and eventually orders him off the case and asks for his badge.

Which he gives but grudgingly for he will deal out his own level of chevelleness.  After destroying the last creatures he’d saved another chick once again but the cult got a hold of the necronomicon. The book that would be in the wrong hands able to control the world.

Bringing the last chick back to his lair he teaches them Kung Fu to help stop this evil bunch.  In his search he finds a man that evidently is being sought after to be eternity ejaculated on as an initiation in to this cult that wants create a street drug from the book called necrochronicon to control the city then the world turning them into necrozombies and bringing forth the bride of cthulu!  Will Jimmy Chevelle and his kung-fu honeys be able to save the city and the world from the evil cult of cthulu?  Will he be able to save his ex partner from the diabolical clutches of being the bride of cthulu?

I had fun watching this film it seemed like a trip from the start loved the 70s blaxploitation feel the set was interesting as it appears the design was a little similar to that which was used in sin city but it was it’s own element I only mention Sin city as its the same style of set.  Was kind of unique and stood out the title as well as the character there was even a moment where the Chiefs he’d had been severed and still moving that was enjoyable.

I’d give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating and thoroughly enjoyed the film. I recommend for all those interested in Lovecraft inspired films. You just have to see it to believe everything that goes on I give immense credit to the creatures effects guy. But did you have to go and destroy the car? Lol


Starring Jawara Duncan as Jimmy Chevelle, Amelia Belle as Lola Maldonado, Ryan Cicak as Reverend Dellamorte, Stephanie Hyden as Nina Valencia, Tara Henry as Chief McCracken, Galen Howard as Mo Kool, Rae Wright as Carmen Jade, Liz Clare as Sheena Graves, Courtney V. Smith as Olivia Armitage, Joshua Lee as Detective Riggs, Dan Beard as Detective Manatucci, Robert Michael Haley as Chico Calaveras, West Ramsey as Roach Hogan, David Ainsworth as Taco Donny, Julian ‘Juice’ Jefferson as Freddy Flash, David Campfield as Lenny Corsica, Chester Patterson as Daddy Rollin’ Stone, Stephen Suggs as Cherry Poppin’ Jerry Grimes, Josh Dietz as Danny Tcho Tcho, Brandon Lancaster as Uncle Poon, Marylin Monroach as Natasha Zamora, Jeffrey C. Vanacore as Oswaldo Garnacha, Boots Trader as Brandi Winters, Stephen Vargo as Pancho Maldonado, Shane L. Maus as Citizen of Camaroville, Danny B. Warner as Citizen of Camaroville.


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