The Menace With 5 Arms

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from goey films from 2013 Directed by Pace New York Director Joshua Kennedy is another homage to the 1950s science fiction drive in classics also being his 4th film.

“You mean to tell me that a giant killer starfish is roaming the countryside… killing off the people of Santa Mira?”

As the film begins you hear a narrator explain how at one point in time people used to study the a creature called the stargantis gargantuan and how nature was disappointed in mankind.

As Joseph Kerwin is the new sherrif of Santa Mira drives to the scene of an accident with a fellow police officer Peppe he is given to remembering what it was like the last time he’d been here.  He had heard the water tower in Santa Maria had fallen and was curious as to its cause.  Being the main water source the towns press Scotty showed up on the scene (tower looks like a tin can… laugh hehe) if the tower had fallen down wouldn’t the whole thing be crushed.  Outside the hole in the tower is pieces of mysterious skin… beside this the body of a young girl suffering from loss of fluids… hmm

Joseph shows AL a friend who works on cars a piece of the skin and tells him he knows a marine biologist at the University that he’ll drop it off there…

Meanwhile back at the office a Toby tells of a creature he saw maybe 6 foot 7 feet tall Joseph makes a note of it then meets with a Mr. Shylar Graves who wants to start up tourism for a meteor Shower that supposedly supposed to happen out in the desert.  He gives him permission even though he doesn’t think there will be any tourists.

In the mean time a a Dr Joyce is on her way to Santa Mira to prove if what she believes is true. Sherrif Joseph is getting ready for a date with Carol who seems to be all about looks and drinking again.

The citizens of Santa Maria are frantic when they hear that the city is short on water as always when trouble occurs.  Peggy Lawson played by Kat plays Josephs secretary through out the film.

Sandy the girl that had been found reacts strongly to the picture of a starfish which pulls her out of shock but still strange…

Meanwhile it appears to be Carol and Josephs anniversary but she wants commitment and family sooner than this lovey dove stuff. But at least he gets her to admit she’s been having an affair with Oscar Arbogast and they break up.  Sherrif Kirwan then received another report of a thing in the dessert.

Oscar and Carol are driving when there’s something in the road.  He gets out and investigates and you hear screaming and Carol saying Oscar over and over…

Will Santa Mira be able to figure out how to save themselves from a giant Starfish terrorizing the town? Are Dr. Carla Joyce and Joseph going figure out what to do before it’s too late?

I actually like this film for the relationship factor like when he had Karla and Joseph first meet and as they talked inside his home.  She finds out the skin tissue has living cells in them. And may the the clue to how to save humanity.

I give this film a 4 out of 5 star rating this actually happens to be my second favorite films of Kennedys strictly as I said the humane romantic relationships between any of his screen characters.

And I recommend for all science fiction fans I didn’t want to derive the whole film but at least you know a little bit lol.


Ps when the two men are singing oh my darling then get eaten classic monster eat scene lol.

Starring Joshua Kennedy as Joseph Kerwin, Ayssette Muñoz as Karla Joyce, Devin Dunne as Carol, Jorge Chapa as Janus Cass, Kat Kennedy as Peggy Lawson, Joshua Palacios as Shaw, Alex Villarreal as Scotty, Marco Adriel Muñoz as Oscar Arbogast, Jairus Esparza as Seb, Michael Rosenfeld as Mark Holmes.


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