In Limbo

Written by David Strege

Coming to us from Nine Ladies Film in association with Anon Motion Pictures 2015 is the first in a trilogy of films Directed by Stuart Wheeldon from Wirksworth, in Derbyshire, England.

I happened to come across his Second in the Trilogy the Telephone while it was being funded on Indigogo realized it was a trilogy so I of course asked the director for a copy of the first film and he did to my surprise he was very forthcoming so here is my review of In Limbo:

It began with Victoria being chased by three gowned pale hooded creatures called the becks.  We learn what they are called while a professor of what appears to be psychology Bill Parks is explaining how a woman had opened up her back door to these pale looking blackeyed children that never hurt her.  While this story was being explained, Jake Sara and Victoria set out to the mile of some woods near some train tracks to explore a dream Victoria might have predicted.


Leaving their phones they each appear to go their separate ways.  Jake you see go down a beating path then appear to fall asleep but then wakes up on a pier beneath the auditorium.  Sara goes off on her own to a house or apartment all the while it seems these creatures in hoods are circling them.  But especially Sara while in the room she goes to sleep. Victoria appears to be the one in charge and says She’ll see Jake soon.


Sara falls asleep and next we know she’s under the floorboards of the auditorium we kept seeing the professor speek in.  We see Jake Speeding to the professor about keeping the fact that the girls that were attacked were in a coma like some kind of Limbo.  That the becks actually might put people to sleep and doesn’t want to cause a panic.  Jake advises him to do the right thing.  Victoria finds Sara then finds Jake and wakes up with the professor telling her it’s all over.


This was a very weird film it felt a little surreal and twilight zonish, like I was caught watching a glint of only half the story it left me wanting to know more about these becks and how sara, Victoria and Jake came to wake up in these places out of breath and tired as if all of them were stuck in limbo.

I’d give this film a 5 0ut of 5 star rating at first it was a little hard to follow but you learn the reality of what’s going on halfway through and it’s like we are given a view of an alternate reality from another dimensions on a level if consciousness many aren’t able to view.  Whose to say there isn’t a place we go in dreams if we’ve seen too much or whether there are such creatures that take us there before the afterlife.

I recommend for others to view this if they can for ultimately there was definitely some beautiful cinematography and nice location gathering as there was a beauty in the ravine and the landscapes of the beaten path they walked in the woods.

Starring Nigel Barber as Bill Parks, Rebekah Bowman as Victoria, Bernard Deegan as Jake, Rachel Prince as Sarah, Megan Greatorex as Black Eyed Child 2, Asher Gail Jane Cox as Black Eyed Child 1, Charlie Henderson-Howit as Black Eyed Child 3.



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