Attack of the Octopus People

Written By David Strege


From 2009 16year old Joshua Kennedy is a unique director having a disability and having gone to P.A.C.E. university in New York a 2 year program to help kids with disabilities attain job skills and other living skills, started his Company Gooey films in college.

Using influences of classic films like those of the tingler, quarter mass experiment, airport among others he puts together films and brings us back to a drive in experience of yesteryear with a passion like no other and even though there is corniness and bad acting from his fellow actors and sets that u can tell are paper machete… weren’t the monster movies of Corman and others made of same materials?

The film Attack of the Octopus People comes to us on a double billed Alpha New Cinema bill with Frankenstein vs. Hitler directed by Ace Frenton.


As the film begins a man is in a boat looking around he disappears you hear a scream the the main title.  You hear elevator music and panning in on a plane landed funny because you used to hear that music on rransamerica commercials a company not in existence any more…

Daniel Davis played by Kennedy arrives back from the war to work at oasis foods. As he arrives at Hotel Kramer in the town of Vandorf.  Looking for his friend Janet whom he literally bumps into with excitement. As she works for the hotel under a Mrs. Archer she is pleased to see her friend Daniel. Evidently a former lover of Daniels, Janet thought he’d left her Daniel explained he’d been drafted.

Meanwhile after bumping into the executive director Glen Fitzgerald who kinda reminds me of Austin Powers at the hotel Daniel is shown around the oasis factory.  As they are talking he mentions the factory director a Mr. Eric Gunther who hasn’t been seen around much lately so Fitzgerald has him introduced and on his way out Daniel Notices a graph of Global temperatures that have risen tremondously.

So of course Janet and Daniel are enjoying a you guessed it monster b movie on their date lol

There is a moment of sentiment as Daniel speaks to the movie projectionist as the guy reminisces about how movies were much more gorier and simple before Hollywood allowed some films to be destroyed.


Meanwhile a corporation was trying to buy out oasis foods from Gunther his answer was no so…. we see him locked in a room and a camera angle making it look like something got him. Hmmm…

After being warned to not attend a manditory oasis food meeting and the death of an auto sales president with mysterious shaped marks on his flesh Daniel starts to put together what’s going on.  Oasis food is selling octopus eggs for people to ear to take over the world! Will he be able to stop this mass hysteria from reaching the world or even Janet the one whom he loves?

Joshua Kennedys biggest problem is audio and I hate to say anything bad about a film bit it’s true fades in and out on every film I’ve seen of his but I can tell he’s improving in later films.  I enjoyed the film but this tale was slightly choppy it did had its moments of cleverness mind you so beware it was made on an extremely low budget but i enjoy films this way. Let’s put it this way you’ll be able to watch the tingler and Attack of the octopus back to back no problem lol.  You can tell the passion to pay homage to the schlock of the 50s is there.

I give this film a 3 out of 5 star rating for effort since I know this was his first film and knowing that it’s tuff to create a film at the age of 16 I recommend for those who love independent sci-fi features no matter how corny…

The other thing of not was his Sister Kat played Mrs Archer the hotel manager I found it quaint that she was looking through a telescope watching Janet lol.


Starring Joshua Kennedy as Daniel Davis, Andrea Negrete as Janet Lawton, Joshua Palacios as Eric Gunther, Alex Villarreal as Glen Fitzgerald, Peter Cushing as Doctor Welles (archive footage), Kat Kennedy as Mrs. Archer.


Manson’s Lost Girls

  • Written By David Strege


Made for TV Movie directed by Leslie Libman from 2016.

Living in the time of Charles Manson and his family this movie is told through the eyes of Linda Kasabian.

“Charley took us from our parents and gave us back to ourselves…”

Linda came to the Charlies ranch pregnant a runaway nowhere to go and his girls welcomed her.  Charley was an existential musician with connections to the Beach Boys.  High on drugs and party’s the girls were shared amongst the men and everything was Charley’s.  When it came time to pay the bills they stole from people and food to survive. In ways they foraged and had a sense of freedom and fun doing so.

To pitch in and stay according to Charlie sex with strangers was kosher but all his girls loved him.  He was a sex appeal…

“Charley are you crying…?”

“Jesus wept when he went to Jerusalem why wouldn’t I?”

Getting high and going to empty homes to steal was a way of life the girls got used to it clothes, jewely, watches anything they could find…

Ultimately Charley got the spoils from their looting. Charley wasn’t getting anywhere with his music and Charlie was beginning to see hidden messages in a beatles song helper skelter. A war between blackie and whitie on speed and shrooms to them Charley could perform miracles he was magical.

Gary Hindman a local music teacher was a friend, came to the ranch a lot to listen to Charlies preaching of a race war.  Charlie got mad even when one took more then their fair share.

After been shared with Andy Sara tried to leave… Dennis Wilson according to Charlie made a promise to find him a record deal it fell through and Charlie pulled a gun and gold him to get off his ranch.

Tex is a cop also known as Charley’s right hand man and drug dealer and tries to convince Charley to find another record dealer but eventually he agrees they’ll make their own record so when it’s all done they’ll come begging to sign them. You can see Jeff Ward coming into character a sometimes violent control over those who don’t seem to believe what he sees the revolt.

In the age of the hippie thus was what I believe brought the 60s to a halt that pivotal moment in history when Charley went on a murder spree.  Killing drug dealers and on up into the home of Roman Polanskis home where Sharon Tate was sleeping with a few guests.

Along with the death of Hindman making it look like the Panthers killed him Charley was paranoid the Whiteman would get him so he did first but he never laid a finger…

When Does the line cross over when a simple night of thievery turns into a slaughter of the innocents. A war with the Panthers armegeddon is here!

For a lifetime Movie this film wasn’t too bad I give it a 5 out of 5 star Rating for I think it’s edgy especially for lifetime normally they are sappy live dramas I loved it.  I totally recommend this for Manson movie fans around the world.


“Dance with Freedom my soldiers my family! I’d kill for you would you kill for me? Would You die for me? Time doesn’t exist…”

Starring: Mackenzie Mauzy as Linda Kasabian, Jeff Ward as Charles Manson, Eden Brolin as Susan Atkins, Christian Madsen as Tex Watson, Greer Grammer as Leslie Van Houten, Grace Victoria Cox as Lynette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme, Garrett Coffey as Bobby Beausoleil, Isabel Shill as Patricia Krenwinkel, Tess Gordon as Tanya Kasabian, Stella Gordon as Tanya Kasabian, John F. Goff as George Spahn, Morgan Krantz as Bob Kasabian, Stephen Sullivan as Dennis Wilson, Chad Lindberg as Terry Melcher, Tom Costello as Older Man, Kari Coleman as Joyce, Christopher Redman as Gary Hinman,Don Luce as Leno LaBianca, Chad T. Wood as Vincent Bugliosi, Jesse Bean as Andy, Shannon Lorance as Girl, Diana Irvine as Catherine, LeJon as Bernard ‘Lottsapopsa’ Crow, Michael Anthony DiNuzzo as Manson Follower, Megan Easton as Sarah, Frank Gerrish as Sleeping Victim, Roman Mitichyan as Voytek Frykowski, Sarah Molasky as Abigail Foldger, Natasha Rozhdestvensky as Manson Camp Kid, Lane Smith Jr. As Drug Dealer, Jhemma Ziegler as Sharon Tate.


Movies Galore takes a look at directors John Ludtke and Marcus Bilotti’s “The Woodsman” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Now I’ll Turn attention to Kenosha, WI Dying Dog Production directors John Ludtke and Marcus Bilotti The Woodsman from 2015.

Stagger Lee and his merry bunch of shores are out in the woods middle of nowhere  in the town of Richville apparently there to greet and fuck a few less than savory characters outside of the law.  Run by an iron streak of fowl mouthing his randy sluts the thing I find funny is his large purple pimpin’ brim of his hat.

True story I worked for Salvation Army at one point this guy, used to come in kinda looked like Beavis and Buttheads teacher who looks like jesis kid you not, when paying for purchases sign his name Jesus Christ.  He even left his sandles in the shoe department a worker walked to the back through them out and when dude realizes his sandles were missing he came looking.  I found them for him and he said hey man thanks… I really do walk on water with these.  Anyways reason why I mentioned all this was there was a day my fiance and I crossed paths with the guy in a piurple suit purple frilly shirt and I swear to god the same pimp hat that Stagger Lee Wore lol the kind you might of seen worn in films like Dole mite or soul vengeance.

So of course one of the girls needs to pee she goes off and she gets death by pinecone.  Stagger Lee and the others hear her scream and go of and investigate machine gun in hand one girl gets hung Stagger Lee after blasting all his clips into the woods gets impale and the last girl grubs into her own fate.

Meanwhile local sheriff Jack Conellway is still reeling from a separation due to the death of His own child mutilated same way a few years back or so with obvious deputies who have been in this town for far too long with out walking proper police procedures to even solve the grisly murders happening In their terror stalked town.

Also Beth, Jack Conellway’s exwife just wants to forget it all and move on with a new relationship and baby girl just doesn’t want to be reminded of the past.

The mayor is so involved with rising higher in station he doesn’t give two hoots when the first murder of Stagger Lee and his Gang of Sluts since they are just that far as concerned, not important.


Another crime scene and a scene where almost comically the Woodsman jumps a whole cliff from a lake to lop of a dudes head lol but injure by the woman with the man so headless as they’d had there car broken down.

Craig  the Sherrifs brother is apparently a spiritualist who owns a shop in town has been hunting the creature since before Hank, Jacks kid died unbeknownst to the Jack since the sherrif kinda knew something else was out there. Craig tells Jack of a dude named Bailiff Watson who’d written a manuscript called the Green Compass about the nuclear plant and what it’s doing to the eco system before he disappeared.

With the mayor constantly thwarting his efforts to send evidence to Morning Wood Labs and Schwartz taking his bullets from him to protect him after thinking he’ll go nuts and go violent himself the sheriff has to go up against all odds including a mayor ready to can him.

With bribes, goo regeneration from illegal Toxic Waste dumping that has turned a random Hippy into a monster stronger than anything running around I think the sherif is in over his head what about you!

Schwartz arrests Jack, mayor terminates Jack just when he finds out the truth will justice yet prevail?


I liked this film toxic waste, it’s corniness a mayor more interested in corruption and banging his secretary and keeping the public from knowing the truth about his illegal dumping .

I give them credit for at least with the creature they did a pretty decent job on most of the blood and gore scenes to make the impossible look possible. I loved the part where Schwartz was anal raped by an antler to death by the creature lol that was just cruel what happened to Beth and her family even though her new husband was as hippy as the creature once was coming from the peace core.

I recommend this film for those who like campy/troma like movies make way for the Woodsman! If this sounds like a film that you would be interested in then I suggest that you seek it out for your own amusement.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Jeff Townsend as Sherrif Jack Conellway, Korye Champion as Deputy Allen Schwartz, Abu as the Schmuck Mayor, Shawn Jolly as Frank Dulard, Temeceka Harris as Beth Townsend, Brad Townsend as Craig Conellway, Ericka Perea as Luna the rubber dildo catalogue turning personal secretary, Bobby McDermott as Cop 1, Kurt Boehlein as Cop 2, Ryan Cable  as the Cook, Blair Watson as Stagger Lee, Ashley Martin as Ho # 1, Andrea Martin as Ho # 2, Patsy Zimmerman as Ho # 3, Jon Ludtke as Percy Dwier, Ashley Zielinski as Poverty Danniels, Holly Barrett as Woman by Car, Julian Cosey as Guy by Car, Nick Schafer as the Tailor, Cameron Rauch as the Christian Dog Fucker, Ty Sterling as Bailiff Watkins, Dan Boettcher as Running Water, Roger Flore as Crisko, Karl Dulance as Starlight, Jon Ludtke as the Dr., Cameron Rauch Again as the bum and Special Agent Thompson, Marcus Bilotti as an Agent.

The Woodsman played by 7 people:

Blair Watson, Ty Sterling, Victoria Hanes, Jon Ludtke, Bobby McDermott, Marcus Bilotti, and Andy Warren.

In fact you can see it on YouTube At Dying Dog Productions  YouTube channel.



Written by David Strege


From 2015 comes an intelligently visually short from Aberdonion Director Drew Mewse of Granite Image Productions hitting the UK Scene as we speak…


A young woman discovers as she is led to a chained box by an unknown force in the attic of their home her husband’s and hers presumedly, images of what appears to be her husband’s infidelity with another woman.

Visually we see her turmoil as she literally stands there in shock and slowly as if the thoughts of snapping crawl out of that box and possess her every thought as she summons her husband she is now wearing a white gown and stabs him several times shouting “you did this to us!”

As the husband fell to the floor he said the words “that wasn’t me in those photos…” as the woman thinks back she realizes it wasn’t and you are led to believe that she realizes too late what she’s done…


I liked this film becausit it demonstrated how instantly one can snap in the moment that jealous feeling hits it is as if something else entirely possesses you.

I give this Short film a 5 out of 5 star rating the music as well built the suspense portrayed to a T.  I recommend this for all horror film collectors and buffs to get a chance to see if u can within the coming years.  And it helps that they hope to make this into a feature lrgth film and continue their journey.  I wish them luck!


Starring Susan Leiper, and Andy Noble

Moist Fury

Written By David Strege


From 2010 SRS CINEMA presents a 1980s throw back to grind house kung-fu meets Rambo by veteran troma/warlock director Chris Seaver of Mcnasty and Death O Lantern notoriety… also produced by Low Budget Films (Terror At Blood Lake).

Lone Wolf Death Bone is in the wrong place at the wrong time and has stumbled onto a a group of wacked out cunts calling themselves the Roastbeefs beating on Dewback lead chick fighter and muff diving girlfriend of fellow Queaf Andromeda.  As Death Bone turned the corner with his favorite candy bar the Roastbeefs finish off Dewback, kick Death Bone in the Nuts and steal his bar and scat.


Skin Tag and her Roastbeef goons Lactasia and her Lactating melons among others brings the bar to there leader Doom Blade a fat fuck who organizes the fights to make profits off both gangs…

Meanwhile… Death Bone is found hovering over Dewback as Andromeda and her Skanky Queafs stroll up knick him out and kidnap him thinking he’d of her muff lover Dewback they elicit the help of this lone wolf with swankin’ Kung fu moves from a higher plain of conciousnous with his ramboish attitude he agrees and convinces them to enact some vengeancing on the goons led by Doom Blade who has a cool name.

Doom Blade is furious his band of bafoons forgot to kill Death Bone so he sends them back to kick some butt, but by then the Queafs had learned some new moves and got the upper hand with the help of Coach their geeky trash cooking cook as he stabs Lactasias lascivious tits after she tries to suffocate him with her titty milk with a pair of what looked like plastic forks lol.

After Doom Blade learned of the death of his Lactasias death by forks he devises a plan to level the playing field to their turf by fighting in the arena and making a profit off their deaths…

Watching a dude who looks like Rambo, a lebian Andromeda and her group pep up to go accept this Challenge… Death Bone only after one person… the person who made him a victim too of his favorite piece of expensive chocolate that looks like poop!

Let Rambo meet savage streets in this funk a delicious piece of exploitation throwback delight! I give this film a 4 our 5 star rating as I didn’t even see this film even listed under Seavers imdb page lol.

Though there was some corniness where you could tell they weren’t even hurting Dewback and the blood was coolaide I think the cast was having fun and clicking well with each other…

I also have to give a lot of credit to the names of each the characters freakin’ awesome lol


Starring Billy Carberina as Death Bone, Desiree Saetia as Andromeda, Jesse Ames as Skin Tag, Meredith Host as Starfox, Hester Prynne as Dewback, Trevor Smith as Coach, Bill Thomas as Doom Blade, Cassie Cuthbertson as Moose Knuckles, Nicole Gertach as Malone, Emily Loin Tug as Banshee, White Chocolate as Lactavia.


Written by David Strege

2016-01-16-09-14-41--432971409Coming to us from 2008 is a Turning Point Productions directed by John Lechago which until I looked into doing this review is also the director of a film I recently funded Killjoy: Psycho Circus, as well as Killjoy Goes To Hell and Killjoy 3, Blood Gnome etc. So there is Charles Band relatedness to Lechago as well as myself far out!

In a world where magicians are real but only a few the Magus played by Ron Fitzgereld supreme master of the old order breaks the code to never use magic for the purpose of evil. Power hungry he must if he is to become the most evil wizard on earth he must relinquish the magic from each of the last surviving magicians.

Meanwhile the magus fernos has escaped the asylum he was once prisoner of with his most devoted disciple Zen….

Claudia Is studying black belt karate and for her one good deed she’s promised to help her Uncle Felix out who hasn’t really seen her or been involved in her life in years… not since her uncle Beths  death.

Claudia finds out her grandfather is really a healer and that the stories are true… Felix has also been consulting Madam Zelda played by Julie Strain of troma and the Devils Muse recognition, as to his future fate, the magus believes he’s crippled Felix For killing his wife.

Claudia decides decides to get her uncle back in shape by teaching him Jujitsu and learning that many things she believed about her uncle weren’t true to protect her from the truth that magic is real.

The magus has gone to clean house with Vinnie the Gangster and his gang with Zen.. first he proves himself but Vinnie thinks hell rat him out in the end so The magus through an act of God as Vinnie puts it over takes the crew and takes their money.

Meanwhile there is a connection between magus and Felix through dreams as he draws closer his nightmares begin to become more frequent and prophetical. Danger is soon upon them…

Felix knows what he has to do but he’s out of practice and getting old… he doesn’t want to involve Claudia anymore than he has to but he knows he will have to use magic against him even though he’s just a healer.  Will he learn the magic he has to before the magus finds out Claudia also inhabits magic? Will Claudia new boyfriend Jeff be able to protect her?

Master Helena appears to be the most powerful magi in play and in order to gather her power she must try but their is no negotiations with the Magus it’s total take over or not at all.  NO ONE WILL STAND IN HIS WAY!

I enjoyed this movie emencely there are not exactly a lot of movies involving magicians that I’ve seen among indie film making that have as great of special effects like the lightning and the dreams of the exoskeleton of Claudia that Felix has before the final battle between The Magus and this healer.  It is a coming of age and the dawn of a new Era with fresh characters. Plus there was a little scene where you can definitely see Zen have an orgasm from the magus powers hint hint! I give this film a 5 out of 5 Star rating and recommend this for horror and sci-fi fans alike!

Starring Ron Fitzgerald as The Magus, Lizzy Strain as Claudia, Bill Steele as Uncle Felix, Eva Derrek as Sen, Michael Antonacci as Jeff, Vinnie Bilancio as Will the Gangster, Al Burke as Python, Julie Strain as Madame Zelda, Lisa Pedace as Mom, Bart Shattuck as Dad, Lou Briggs as Uncle Benny, Bobby Dixon as Officer #1, Dan Olivo as Officer #2, Randy Mermell as the Abusive Orderly, Maria Turnhout as Master Helena, Val Hill as Martial Arts Instructor, Will N. Austin II as Henchman #1 (as Will Austin), Lea Downy as Bikini Moll, Mike Stanley as Goon, Ted Hemming as Frog, Tom Bosack as Thug, Randall Yarbrough as Repentant Dealer, Tai Chan Ngo as Master Bedlow, Allesandra Assad as Beth and Demon Beth, Tony Spatafora as Motel Clerk, Shavaun Avila as Party Lady #1, Ernie Avila as Party Lady’s Guy, Pia Garcia as Party Lady #2, Marisa Zocco as Party Girl, Autumn Garcia as Little Kid #1, Isabella Garcia as Little Kid #2, Jordan Funk as Party Guy, Wendy Phillips as Party Guy’s Date, Zelda Lin as Martial Arts Class, Beth Cheng as Martial Arts Class, Allison Kelly as Martial Arts Class, Daniel Shepard as Martial Arts Class (as Dan Shepard), Brian Turk as Martial Arts Class, John Lechago as Martial Arts Class, Lisa Zocco as Martial Arts Class, Regis Cadeña as Martial Arts Class.