Movie Groups On Facebook To Stay away from

Written by David Strege

So I Have been running Movies Galore of Milwaukee for over a year now and yes because I’m a film lover and reviewer I surf other film groups.  In my journ.eys of finding groups to talk with others and share my reviews I’ve come across some very unfriendly groups and because I know some of you do the same I’d like to warn you about some groups to stay away from.

I absolutely can’t stand it when a group that’s set up to talk of or about movies lies to you and doesn’t at all complains and deletes your posts.  In the Description of a group called Cool and Crazy Movies here on Facebook it stays that no one cares about the essay you wrote or your opinion.  Does this really Sound like a group that wants to talk about film?

I believe that I have built up a reputation as a firm and decent film reviewer.  Yes I have a disability which those of you close to me know all about but I enjoy sharing my information… the first group is called Cool and Crazy Movies manned by an Eric Krause this man was rude and had the gall to tell me I had links to sell merchandise when I only review films.  To me if you run a group specifically about film you invite opinion in to start so if someone writes an honest review you should respect that persons said opinion. He’d told me that he’d deleted my posts because they were he called it Guerilla Marketing.  There is a difference between selling something and actually giving reviews of movies and Eric Krause either doesn’t know how to read or had no respect for film as he’s full of himself and thinks that only His opinion matters.  America really doesnt need opinionated nonsupporters of film like this in our community of film.  Claimed to have a store of his own and wasnt singling me out.  I didnt see him on imdb in any movie so i wonder what store he implied lol.  What an asshat eh. A public group claiming to talk of cool and strange movies but deletes and states that nobody cares about your reviews or essays what a pice of crock and bull story.  Nobody cares for a snobbish my opinion only or tuck you kind of attitude open group? Bull fucking shit! Read the description yourself would you? He talks about many people harassing in other groups deleting posts of opinions on film is harrasment.  Hypocrite? Very likely… the biggest thing I have against Eric was his big all fat out lie that I was selling anything!

The second is called the Movie Den Manned by a certain man named Al from New Zealand those of you who know my group and know my page I do think I keep people interested enough to keep people talking about various subjects.  Now I have Aspbergers syndrome and also work from a phone that has spell check so first Al made comments to my English and my wording then he had the nerve to say I know nothing about movies and called me a dickhead.  Now I’m not trying to make a pity case but this man also runs another group called The TV Den.  I do not recommend any of these groups for anyone since none of these groups tend to be as friendly as open as their page suggests thank you and this is Dave from Movies Galore of Milwaukee!

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