Movies Galore takes a look at director Brad Twigg’s short film “The House Of Profane” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Coming to us from Funky Monkey Films is Brad Twiggs new horror short from 2016 The House of Profane.

It begins as the camera pans from a yard to a red brick house surrounded by bushes as a homeless man played by Jesse L. Green opens the door to this apparently abandoned home.  An old matress and various what looks like doors and plaster amongst trash is what he stumbles into.  The homeless man just wants to get in from the cold. He lays down on the matress when all of a sudden a man wearing a skull for a face looms out from the misty shadows of the room scaring the Hobo and with apparent psychic kenesis made the hobos insides spew out through his mouth including his intestines as he choked on his own blood. I loved this beginning sequence, Skull Face is very details especially in his menacing eyes whomever did his make up did a fantastic job with detail.


Now its night at the same brick house and Sam is breaking into the house with his friends Sarah, Ann and Dave. originally having plans of bowling these three decide to check out their local hell house… as local townies tell the tale it began in the 20s with Anthony Hall and his wife they were in love so he built the home in hopes they could conceive, well they did one day using black magic, to a horribly deformed boy his wife dying during the labor.  Heartbroken, Hall spiraled into a state of depression suffocating his son with a pillow and hung himself. when police arrived they were shocked to realize 4 innocent people had been sacrificed in order for the child to be conceived the parts strewn about the house… in the 50s another young couple from New York moved in a few weeks later they were found with their throats slit. they say the house is cursed, built over one of the 7 gateways to hell…. Skull face was the last man to live there but his mask isn’t just a mask he sewed it onto his face and went around on a killing spree nothing supernatural about him a maniac… believes there’s power in taking their souls his victims he does… as the friends hear this tale from Sam and Sara, Dave seems to know it a bit but Ann? A new comer so it does creep her out a little bit. Especially since they’ll be spending the night.


Unbeknownst to them while they explore the house ghosties and ghoulies are roaming the house… as Sam tries to scare Sarah he scratches her she goes into the bathroom and doesn’t come out the same…. Will the friends survive  the rest of the night? With Skull Face lurking around every corner? wahahaha!

I think Twigg has found his nitch in horror he is a true king of the slasher film as he pays homage with his own brand of creepy.  I thoroughly enoyed the story line the characters were easy to like but also easy to hate plus the music heald a heavy vibe to the picture well done Brad! Though I liked Milfs vs Zombies and Ghoulish Tales which I shall review shortly as well but I actually think and feel this short film was better with atmosphere and acting talent…. I give this short film a 5 out of 5 star rating.


I Recommend for the slasher lovers to watch or get a copy when it comes out!

Starring Scott Gaver as Dave, Luba Hansen as Anna, Dallas White as Sam, Kelsey Cooper as Sarah, Jesse L. Green as the Hobo, Daniel Johnson as Skull Face, Ghosts played by Erica Jones, Forest Schultz, Stan Lee Beachley, Maggie Hill, Mathew Warner, Edward Calhoun.

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