Dracula AD 2015

Witten by David Strege


When I heard director Joshua Kennedy was Directing his own version of Dracula from his Gooey Films perspective I was excited for I have found his films to be entertaining.

I found his version to heavily use the film location on the university of P.A.C.E. in New York but that’s OK in my book.

The film starts as a janiter is cleaning up the school as he starts to leave he notices drops of blood in a stairwell he cleans it up, walks away and a high heel shoe falls.  He walks up the stairs and another falls so he hurrys up the stairs to see whats going on when suddenly the body of a women is hurled over the railing in roll the credits…

Meanwhile Professor Terrance Fordyce of theology and occults is giving a speech at pace university at the start of a ciriculum. As he ends his space that vampires are very real Ingrid Stensgaard rises to welcome him to the university as well as two cops are in his class room asking questions about the body of the girl found by the janitor and what he thought.  The professor said he didn’t know.

After being welcome the professor went to meet his sister Jennifer on a train as she was coming to live in the dorm.  Apparently her room mate and their gang of friends were interested in the dark arts and all met on a ritual basis with Ingrid.  Ingrid invited them all to sell their souls for real.

In the basement of the school they perform a ceremony and one of them has to be sacrificed.  They don’t know to whom.  It’s none other than the Lord of the undead himself Dracula!

One by one the friends start getting attacked and Professor Fordyce fears for his sister when even Jennifer reacts to the cross.  So a battle has begun.  Will the professor and Jennifers Boyfriend be able to stop Dracula and his renfield like creature and undead army of vampires before Jennifer becomes one of them?


I thought this film was great Xander pulled the Dracula off to a tee especially when he went to kiss the one girl and instead bit her the was a moment of eroticness that I believe he got just perfectly though I wish the part where Jeremy turned into the renfield-like creature was a tad longer for I feel he played a major role to Dracula in all adaptations but it is what is.  This being said I think the lovely Hannah was very beautiful as a vampire as I believe she brought some sexuality out in her character.

I also believe Kat Kennedy had a bigger role in here and it was kind of her time to shine a little and come out from under that shy shell she often tends to come off as having great job you two! If you enjoy this type of a film then definitely seek the film out, I found it entertaining.

Starring Joshua Kennedy as Terence Fordyce, Xander Pretorius as Count Dracula, Bessie Nellis as Ingrid Stensgaard, Kat Kennedy as Jennifer Fordyce, Jeremy Kreuzer as Thorley Ripper, Hannah Rose Ammon as Caroline Monlaur, Cody Alvord as Andrew Carson, Jake Williams as Joe Mitchum, Madelyn Wiley as Diana Farmer, Claire Daniels as Gina Melly.


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