Airline ’79

Written By David Strege


Wow on to his 7th film from 2015 Joshua Kennedy creator of Gooey Films Productions is back to show us he’s not just interested in science fiction or horror but all manner of classics as this film is heavily influenced of Arthur Haleys Airport films of the 70s.


the Story line? A captain Chuck Daniels and his crew of two are on board Airline ’79 where you have the feeling all are about to go on a long trip.  There is a priest, a nun, two guarded prisonors, a nervous ninny, an observational romantic gay guy, a female African American Doctor, a famous explorer, an ex flame of the captain, two dancers going for an audition ( one that wants to be a reporter plus thinking the prisoners were heroic lol) and a ticking time bomb.

With flight attendants and an ex employee named Tex takes a flight attended hostage he demands 1,000,000 dollars for his demotion and troubles or else he will start killing hostages. The second crew mate is kind of comical when he calculates the time they have left in kilometers and not miles.

They try to put Tex sister on to talk him down but…


It is obvious that Kennedy has a passion for the classics there isn’t a doubt in my mind I was entertained no doubt but I have some concerns on this film.

One: Tex had some lop sided wig for hair and I know he had a hillbilly accent but to be a man behind a hostage take over on a plane was too silly to believe. I love that he changed up his actors a bit and enjoyed that he involves his sister in every film.  I also think that the University of P.A.C.E. in New York get a lot of influential mention which isn’t a bad thing.


I’m not so sure this was his best effort but I also don’t think it’s his worst either.  I loved that he had an annoying passenger which the priest just literally slapped.  In ways I think he was going for a love boat theme with the love interest Lisa Black a flight attendent of the story but I thoroughly recommend this film if you love seeing a still young and learning film maker rise to attempt to bring back an interest of such classics.  It’s great to see a love in one so young.  It’s directors such as Joshua Kennedy that make me feel that interest in films won’t die out so soon.

I give this film a 3 out of 5 star rating I’ll admit I did expect better from him but I give him credit for trying I did notice that he named the character in charge of La Guardia airport Art Haley in honor of the author behind the novel Airport!

Starring Joshua Kennedy as Chuck Daniels, Allie Anschutz as Lisa Black, Jeremy Kreuzer as Tex Zuniga, Cody Alvord as Dean Schecter, Hannah Rose Ammon as Veronica Winters, Traci Thomas as Ruth Hayes, Kat Kennedy as Judy Barton, Nicholas McNeil as Edgar Andrews, Jonathan Danziger as Art Hailey, Michael Rosenfeld as the Reverend Scott.


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