The Curse of the Insect Woman

Written By David Strege

2016-02-14-17-53-47--916334958Joshua Kennedys second film from Gooey Films from 2011 also placed in the sleepy town of Vandorf is about an ancient cult of an ancient curse of a creature called the Insect woman.

After traveling the world a sort of living David Livingston as you will Wayne Brooks comes home to Vandorf after ten years and greets his friends along Susan Lowry the love interest of the tale. Local Sheriff Michael Woodbridge stops in to tell the group of two grizzly murders that have happened in a temple in the woods.


Meanwhile at Madame Ouspenskaya’s local new age shop two strangers fervently press her to sell an object she won’t sell.  A rock.  But not just any rock it is said to hold the eggs of a local legend the insect woman, said to be the bride of Satan herself. Hundreds of years her people have protected it’s secret.

So the madam tells the group of friends the tale.for she has fear of it ending up in the wrong hands. Wayne remembers his professors speaking of a secret society of people worshipping the creature to try to reset rupture the demon spirit one day.

At a graduation dance Rico makes a mistake in thinking Susan has more feelings for him than he thought there were since he’d helped her career. While the party was happening the stone was stolen what’s worse is its a full moon and once resurrected she is unstoppable.

Wayne, Larry and the gang all head to the temple to stop what must be in progress but arrive too late… the ceremony has been completed and people start dying…

Will Wayne and his friend be able to break the curse unleashed?

They all morn the death of their friend Rico who disappeared at the theater…

To me the actor playing the Sheriff could have acted better all the rest have improved.  I kept thinking that even though he had a low voice his monotone could have shown some enthusiasm in his voice other than that the film has a creepy vibe to it and definitely got funnier as it went along especially when you actually saw ursala turn into the insect woman and lure each to their death.

I actually give this film a 4 out of 5 star rating as yet another homage to films such as the wasp woman.  I can tell Joshua love the theatrical as the love story in this film was more adapted the in the attack of the octopus people.

Starring Joshua Kennedy as Wayne Brooks, Andrea Negrete as Susan Lowry, Alex Villarreal as Larry Talbot, Joshua Palacios as Herbert Ellis, Marco Adriel Muñoz as Rico Nardi, Jairus Esparza as Michael Woodbridge, Kat Kennedy as Madame Ouspenskaya.


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