Written By David Strege


Hailing to us from Bolivia is Rhode Island native controversial actress, producer and director of this 2010 Pachamama/Vermeer Works/Jac Avila Productions film of an obsession romance between an older Bolivian man and a younger woman in changing times. Also done with only a crew of 4 people.

The meaning behind the title in Aymara the language of Bolivian Andes Natives means basically a trial of life.

Being a Lutheran myself I was always told to stay away from porn or tabboo films with nudity even home alone was forbidden but I am drawn like a moth to the flame with this bdsm independent film. This is fifty shades of grey before it was here as far as I’m concerned since Fifty shades was badly made lol


Luis Montéz played by Jac Avila is having coffee with a friend in Cafe Nividia when he notices Anouk played by the beautiful Veronica Paintoux slouching with no manners and looking like she’d rolled out of bed, also seeking with a friend (Amy Hesketh) while she explains she’d lost her job in between boyfriends etc. Anouk is also there to meet a childhood friend whom doesn’t show…

Louis observes all her mannerisms with out her knowing and soon they are the only two left in the cafe. He walks over tells sits down tells her she’s going to leave with him she gets up and does.


Louis then proceeds to ask her where her hotel is they go there.  He tells her to pack her things a little reluctantly she does. They go out into a taxi to an apartment that Louis live and just like that Anouk is living with a new room mate.


Anouk is not allowed to eat, sleep, shit, or piss until Louis does or do anything until he has first. There were times he was patient and times he was quite brutal.  She must not slouch, must not chew with her mouth full according to Louis she does not act like a woman so she is to be treated like an animal.  Louis is a well read man you can tell by his many books lining his simple abode.

He proceeds to order her about as he pleases she must not speak unless spoken to she must even dress the way he wants her too if not she is punished by spanking. He gives her a job where he works as well.

In a sense he is breaking down all the barriers of defense she has as a woman in truth she didn’t have respect for herself so you see her rebel even though Louis has been the best thing for her.

At one point he takes her to a friend’s place and stands her naked in front of some very large bay windows she’s embarrassed for all the neighbors would see her.  But she must not move she stands there for all to see ordered by him. They also go quite a ways to a marketplace where he buys a whip.


Meanwhile in between all this, there was a childhood friend that has been after Anouk to catch up when he really wants some kind of relationship with her and sees the change in her but by this time she seems to have enough respect of Louis to defend him.

For disobeying Louis in seeing this gentleman as punishment he rapes her she runs to the gentlemens place and he also tries to make love with her as conditions so she takes of all her clothes and in only a short coat returns to Louis where he works, slaps him then he kisses her and all seems well again.


To me I felt this was a way to show how bdsm can in a way teeth you respect for yourself because many of us do not know how to have respect or take initiative in yourself to care to know how you dress. But also a way to let someone else tell you what to do so that when a day comes that your ready, you will one day have the courage and spine to do what you want in life.  Louis also enjoys a little pain and pleasure which he only gave Anouk pain when she was being rebellious or just plain stupid.

I give this film a 5 out of 5 Star rating I enjoyed the film for its difference in culture. I don’t think I’ve seen a film quite like this where it skeet the edge of porn and the tip of fetish like it anywhere.  It stands alone in its own say for there is a bond between Anouk and Louis that came from pain and pleasure.

I recommend for all interested in the erotic part of drama! On a side note I love that Jac used one of his own cats in the film for he really is an avid cat lover lol

Starring Veronica Paintoux as Anouk, Jac Avila as Luis Montéz, Erix Antoine as Geoff (as Erik Antoine), Roberto Lopez L. as Beto, Alfredo Lopez C. as Alfie.

You can find their films at !


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