Attack of the Octopus People

Written By David Strege


From 2009 16year old Joshua Kennedy is a unique director having a disability and having gone to P.A.C.E. university in New York a 2 year program to help kids with disabilities attain job skills and other living skills, started his Company Gooey films in college.

Using influences of classic films like those of the tingler, quarter mass experiment, airport among others he puts together films and brings us back to a drive in experience of yesteryear with a passion like no other and even though there is corniness and bad acting from his fellow actors and sets that u can tell are paper machete… weren’t the monster movies of Corman and others made of same materials?

The film Attack of the Octopus People comes to us on a double billed Alpha New Cinema bill with Frankenstein vs. Hitler directed by Ace Frenton.


As the film begins a man is in a boat looking around he disappears you hear a scream the the main title.  You hear elevator music and panning in on a plane landed funny because you used to hear that music on rransamerica commercials a company not in existence any more…

Daniel Davis played by Kennedy arrives back from the war to work at oasis foods. As he arrives at Hotel Kramer in the town of Vandorf.  Looking for his friend Janet whom he literally bumps into with excitement. As she works for the hotel under a Mrs. Archer she is pleased to see her friend Daniel. Evidently a former lover of Daniels, Janet thought he’d left her Daniel explained he’d been drafted.

Meanwhile after bumping into the executive director Glen Fitzgerald who kinda reminds me of Austin Powers at the hotel Daniel is shown around the oasis factory.  As they are talking he mentions the factory director a Mr. Eric Gunther who hasn’t been seen around much lately so Fitzgerald has him introduced and on his way out Daniel Notices a graph of Global temperatures that have risen tremondously.

So of course Janet and Daniel are enjoying a you guessed it monster b movie on their date lol

There is a moment of sentiment as Daniel speaks to the movie projectionist as the guy reminisces about how movies were much more gorier and simple before Hollywood allowed some films to be destroyed.


Meanwhile a corporation was trying to buy out oasis foods from Gunther his answer was no so…. we see him locked in a room and a camera angle making it look like something got him. Hmmm…

After being warned to not attend a manditory oasis food meeting and the death of an auto sales president with mysterious shaped marks on his flesh Daniel starts to put together what’s going on.  Oasis food is selling octopus eggs for people to ear to take over the world! Will he be able to stop this mass hysteria from reaching the world or even Janet the one whom he loves?

Joshua Kennedys biggest problem is audio and I hate to say anything bad about a film bit it’s true fades in and out on every film I’ve seen of his but I can tell he’s improving in later films.  I enjoyed the film but this tale was slightly choppy it did had its moments of cleverness mind you so beware it was made on an extremely low budget but i enjoy films this way. Let’s put it this way you’ll be able to watch the tingler and Attack of the octopus back to back no problem lol.  You can tell the passion to pay homage to the schlock of the 50s is there.

I give this film a 3 out of 5 star rating for effort since I know this was his first film and knowing that it’s tuff to create a film at the age of 16 I recommend for those who love independent sci-fi features no matter how corny…

The other thing of not was his Sister Kat played Mrs Archer the hotel manager I found it quaint that she was looking through a telescope watching Janet lol.


Starring Joshua Kennedy as Daniel Davis, Andrea Negrete as Janet Lawton, Joshua Palacios as Eric Gunther, Alex Villarreal as Glen Fitzgerald, Peter Cushing as Doctor Welles (archive footage), Kat Kennedy as Mrs. Archer.


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