Movies Galore takes a look at directors John Ludtke and Marcus Bilotti’s “The Woodsman” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


Now I’ll Turn attention to Kenosha, WI Dying Dog Production directors John Ludtke and Marcus Bilotti The Woodsman from 2015.

Stagger Lee and his merry bunch of shores are out in the woods middle of nowhere  in the town of Richville apparently there to greet and fuck a few less than savory characters outside of the law.  Run by an iron streak of fowl mouthing his randy sluts the thing I find funny is his large purple pimpin’ brim of his hat.

True story I worked for Salvation Army at one point this guy, used to come in kinda looked like Beavis and Buttheads teacher who looks like jesis kid you not, when paying for purchases sign his name Jesus Christ.  He even left his sandles in the shoe department a worker walked to the back through them out and when dude realizes his sandles were missing he came looking.  I found them for him and he said hey man thanks… I really do walk on water with these.  Anyways reason why I mentioned all this was there was a day my fiance and I crossed paths with the guy in a piurple suit purple frilly shirt and I swear to god the same pimp hat that Stagger Lee Wore lol the kind you might of seen worn in films like Dole mite or soul vengeance.

So of course one of the girls needs to pee she goes off and she gets death by pinecone.  Stagger Lee and the others hear her scream and go of and investigate machine gun in hand one girl gets hung Stagger Lee after blasting all his clips into the woods gets impale and the last girl grubs into her own fate.

Meanwhile local sheriff Jack Conellway is still reeling from a separation due to the death of His own child mutilated same way a few years back or so with obvious deputies who have been in this town for far too long with out walking proper police procedures to even solve the grisly murders happening In their terror stalked town.

Also Beth, Jack Conellway’s exwife just wants to forget it all and move on with a new relationship and baby girl just doesn’t want to be reminded of the past.

The mayor is so involved with rising higher in station he doesn’t give two hoots when the first murder of Stagger Lee and his Gang of Sluts since they are just that far as concerned, not important.


Another crime scene and a scene where almost comically the Woodsman jumps a whole cliff from a lake to lop of a dudes head lol but injure by the woman with the man so headless as they’d had there car broken down.

Craig  the Sherrifs brother is apparently a spiritualist who owns a shop in town has been hunting the creature since before Hank, Jacks kid died unbeknownst to the Jack since the sherrif kinda knew something else was out there. Craig tells Jack of a dude named Bailiff Watson who’d written a manuscript called the Green Compass about the nuclear plant and what it’s doing to the eco system before he disappeared.

With the mayor constantly thwarting his efforts to send evidence to Morning Wood Labs and Schwartz taking his bullets from him to protect him after thinking he’ll go nuts and go violent himself the sheriff has to go up against all odds including a mayor ready to can him.

With bribes, goo regeneration from illegal Toxic Waste dumping that has turned a random Hippy into a monster stronger than anything running around I think the sherif is in over his head what about you!

Schwartz arrests Jack, mayor terminates Jack just when he finds out the truth will justice yet prevail?


I liked this film toxic waste, it’s corniness a mayor more interested in corruption and banging his secretary and keeping the public from knowing the truth about his illegal dumping .

I give them credit for at least with the creature they did a pretty decent job on most of the blood and gore scenes to make the impossible look possible. I loved the part where Schwartz was anal raped by an antler to death by the creature lol that was just cruel what happened to Beth and her family even though her new husband was as hippy as the creature once was coming from the peace core.

I recommend this film for those who like campy/troma like movies make way for the Woodsman! If this sounds like a film that you would be interested in then I suggest that you seek it out for your own amusement.

Here is the trailer:

Starring Jeff Townsend as Sherrif Jack Conellway, Korye Champion as Deputy Allen Schwartz, Abu as the Schmuck Mayor, Shawn Jolly as Frank Dulard, Temeceka Harris as Beth Townsend, Brad Townsend as Craig Conellway, Ericka Perea as Luna the rubber dildo catalogue turning personal secretary, Bobby McDermott as Cop 1, Kurt Boehlein as Cop 2, Ryan Cable  as the Cook, Blair Watson as Stagger Lee, Ashley Martin as Ho # 1, Andrea Martin as Ho # 2, Patsy Zimmerman as Ho # 3, Jon Ludtke as Percy Dwier, Ashley Zielinski as Poverty Danniels, Holly Barrett as Woman by Car, Julian Cosey as Guy by Car, Nick Schafer as the Tailor, Cameron Rauch as the Christian Dog Fucker, Ty Sterling as Bailiff Watkins, Dan Boettcher as Running Water, Roger Flore as Crisko, Karl Dulance as Starlight, Jon Ludtke as the Dr., Cameron Rauch Again as the bum and Special Agent Thompson, Marcus Bilotti as an Agent.

The Woodsman played by 7 people:

Blair Watson, Ty Sterling, Victoria Hanes, Jon Ludtke, Bobby McDermott, Marcus Bilotti, and Andy Warren.

In fact you can see it on YouTube At Dying Dog Productions  YouTube channel.



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