Written by David Strege


From 2015 comes an intelligently visually short from Aberdonion Director Drew Mewse of Granite Image Productions hitting the UK Scene as we speak…


A young woman discovers as she is led to a chained box by an unknown force in the attic of their home her husband’s and hers presumedly, images of what appears to be her husband’s infidelity with another woman.

Visually we see her turmoil as she literally stands there in shock and slowly as if the thoughts of snapping crawl out of that box and possess her every thought as she summons her husband she is now wearing a white gown and stabs him several times shouting “you did this to us!”

As the husband fell to the floor he said the words “that wasn’t me in those photos…” as the woman thinks back she realizes it wasn’t and you are led to believe that she realizes too late what she’s done…


I liked this film becausit it demonstrated how instantly one can snap in the moment that jealous feeling hits it is as if something else entirely possesses you.

I give this Short film a 5 out of 5 star rating the music as well built the suspense portrayed to a T.  I recommend this for all horror film collectors and buffs to get a chance to see if u can within the coming years.  And it helps that they hope to make this into a feature lrgth film and continue their journey.  I wish them luck!


Starring Susan Leiper, and Andy Noble

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