Movies Galore takes a look at the Wisconsin anthology “Hole In The Wall” from 2015!

Written by David Strege


I guess you could say this is wisconsins horror anthology brought to you by Rabid Child Films of 7 Twisted tales from 7 of Wisconsins’ twisted directors:

Centered around tale of a the plainsfield Chopper or that which i took it ws for it was hard for some of the tales to peg which segment they were called is presented to you by the Wisconsin Horror Mob you see a large dude dragging a corpse trough some woods…

Country music playing in the back ground you get the sense that he’s a redneck country killer…

In the opening credits you also see John Pata under Special fx credits who I will later review a short he did called Better Off Undead and a feature called Dead Weight kinda cool all these people were involved…


Anyways the man drags the body to an attic space in a farm house surrounded by cornfield but there is another bystander in overalls that is curious about the man’s way of killing… so the story’s begin to unfold…

Carolyn Baker for the segment “Siren”:

This one was hard to understand a beautiful singer just had a perforations but walked home accepting a drug like acid called Green Honey that she took a drop of then went home got naked in a tub with no water and peed down a drain where a slug like creature with a mouth was sliding up the drain all the while you kept hearing this low screaming growing louder and louder.

Next you see here painted stripes of black and white coming up an old elevator shaft she goes to the middle of the street and what wails like a siren people cover their ears and appear to either die or follow the sounds you don’t figure out which.


Derrick Carey co-director for segments “The Plainfield Chopper”, “Our Song is our Blade”: obviously already talked of the Plainfield chopper our song is our Blade seems connected to Scumbag Directors main Kidnapper Of the hitchhiker as it tells the take of a love story between an axeaxe and it’s wielder kill the wielder you are cursed with the same spirit telling you to kill…  and as we figure out in the end the last wielder of this axe is the large hick man snaking the guts of the victim he’s pulled teeth from as he’s teaching the obvious skinny observer in overalls to kill and the meaning behind the relationship of the axe…


Greg Johnson for the segment “Last Dance”: It was hard to figure out which segment was which for this one though I assume it’s one of the segments I’ve already aforementioned I mean no disrespect for this segment they were only titled in the end credits lol

Rob Michels with Screaming Like Banshees Productions also director of The Lurking which I’ve previously reviewed for the segment “Scumbage”:

Shown after the hole in the wall beginning segment you see a radio and hear a woman who sounds like a mother screaming at some to kill someone,  next you see a hitchhiker get picked up by a scraggly looking scumbag  dude played by Rob Michels himself then said hitch hiker wakes up in a cage… under a caged dog.

Meanwhile the scraggly haired nut job scumbag hallucinates and cuts his tongue off with visions if peeing blood inside a raunchy looking toilet… comes out in a rob bloodied, stabs the dog in the cage above and you see him sitting on a toilet listening to his mother’s voice on a radio telling him he’s nothing that he’s shit.

Next he has an appetizer tray of rotting fingers wacking off to them then you watch as he strings these fingers and puts his dukied brown stained underwear on his head carrying this string of fingers like a rosary then uses them as anal beeds. You find out he lives in a closet as he is encouraged to kill from his apparently dead mother… let’s the hitchhiker escape into the backyard only to kill him… and after waked off to his corpse.  Picks a hammer up goes beats a drunk dude to death… sleeps next to the rotting corpse of the hitchhiker… has a nightmare of recognizable wasteoid 2 from the Lurking strangling him as he wakes up he is string what looks like his pens on the the finger string.

After that it returns to the large hick as he prepares to pull all the teeth from the dragged body…

Andrew N. Shearer for the segment “A Message from the Underground”: This was set up in the beginning of the anthology as well as I Believe the end reminds my of how some sci-fi films were set up in the 50s to worn you not to watch this film told from a radio announcer lol.

Kevin Sommerfield of Slasher Studios for the segment “Glory Hole”Steve Goltz of Slasher Studios for the segment “Glory Hole”:  is an all male cast but ones a baby ones a mother and ones a customer skinny guy after glory hole of the ugly man in a nighty obviously playing a wore to feed the kid.  A love story of Earl and Baby Jane while the child plays with the bloody fetus of a child born and cut from Baby Jane’s womb.


Meanwhile the large hick serial killer is about to record the last part of the killing…

Cory Udler Director of Incest Death Squad 1 and 2 Ids Rising, Mediatrix and The Girl Who Played With the Dead as well as the Script Writer of Ted v. Mikels Demon Haunt, Astro Zombies 3 and 4, for the segment “Ed Gein D.D.S.”: after scumbag this story starts with Ed geins mother spouting biblical revaluation about if he ever has sexual relations with women after she’s gone… three women all dressed up as witches stride their way to a garage sale where a man spouting off about anal fishes sells them a chair that ed Gein sat in when he was alive the girls chant whatanassiam over and over and Ed Gein comes back as a dentist pulling their teeth out! Lol.

Meanwhile at a local bar Missy was in an argument with her man while ed Gein appeals to her after her fiance storms out… Ed offers to walk her home she agrees after reservations.

After walking her home he knocks her out chains her up, the fiance arrives drunk as she’s screaming in the basement… stumbles and saves his girl by electrocuding Ed back to where he came from.

Meanwhile the overall-ed observer realizes the toothless victim is still alive and then it goes into the next segment lol

All in all I think this is definitely a weird compilation I’m still somewhat on the fence about whether I liked it it was definitely disturbing and off the wall for say why would ed Gein come back as a dentist? After some women chanting what an Ass I Am? Obsurd indeed lol

I think I’m going to give this a 3 out of 5 star rating for now maybe I might change the Star rating later down the road but I’m just going to label this one as strange… I recommend this if you like to be a little sickened with strangeness plus it involves quite a few of wisconsins freakish directors so all in all check it for yourself…


Starring Blade Braxton as Ferenc, Heather Dorff as Missy, Greg Johnson as Chopper, Erma, and Baby Jane, Matt Kenyon as Tom Lodewyck, Rob Michels as Scumbag, Judith O’Dea actress from the original Night of the living dead as Augusta Gein the mother of Ed Gein, Tom Running as Ed Gein, Andrew N. Shearer as Man from another dimension, Alyssa Spangler as Siren, Draven Wagner as Eli

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