Movies Galore of Milwaukee takes a look at Ron Fitzgerald’s Dark Realm directed by Vinnie Bilancio from 2013!

Written By David Strege


Hailing to us from Chicago is Chicago illusionists Ron Fitzgeralds return to the horror scene once again but often plays roles as a master magician of sorts.


From 2015 directed by Vincent Bilancio the film starts out With Spooky played by Fitzgerald.  Which Ive noticed in two films so far he has one eye that is silver and one blue eye, is a master Illusionist scheduled to make 3 last curtain calls on a contract through a venue called Dark Realm.


His clothing definitely helps him portray the image he wanted to create so I give credit to whomever does his wardrobe…

But Spooky keeps having reacurring nightmares as well as waking ones in between performances. Seeing fellow performers in piesces isnt exactly amusing, especially since his love and stsge assistant Raven hasnt arrived yet… Since I watched America’s Got Talent from 2015 there was a regurgitator who could swallow anything and bring it right back up well.. Spooky swallowed 7 razors and strung them together then brought them back up lol.  Never seen that before not even on television I’ve seen similar but not with such execution.  I also liked the trick spooky did with the magic orb and hanky making it disappear and reapear…

With levitation and a jigsaw illusion along with blood drinking, snake charmers, and burlesque dancing, in Milwaukee there’s an underground Burlesque band called Dead Man’s Carnival Which I feel Red Rum who plays a part in this film as well is associated with that I like as well.  Maybe because I’ve liked Deadman show that they put on is the reason why I like Dark Realm.  It is independent but you can tell Fitzgerald is enjoying the appetites this magicians underground society has to offer… hehe indeed pleasures of the flesh and making u believe the impossible which is what I believe he as well portrayed in his previous roles in Magus, and The Item Which I Shall Review at a later date…

Ultimately I give this film a 4 out of 5 Star rating.  It technically is more a live show performance as if you were watching a performance of Ron himself and the story line was a little slightly hard to follow behind the performances but after watching it a second time you get that Spooky is getting more paranoid and almost looses his mind….

But when he realizes it’s all only a dream it’s even weirder but the characters and burlesque dancers give u a preview of what Chicago’s night life has to offer…

I enjoyed it I recommend for an interesting evening.  Will you be able to tell I’d spooky is awake or dreaming?


Starring Ron Fitzgerald as Master of the Realm, Vinnie Bilancio as Price, Kaylee Williams as Raven, Cherries Jubalie as Scary Cherrie, Heather Dorff as Sister Midnight, Lady India as Lady India, Al Burke as Head of Security, Marybeth Saunders as Stage Manager, Craig Lemons as the Man Getting Thrown Out, Malaney Grabis as Jigsaw Illusion Audience Participant, Joe Burdick as Pun Munk #5, Brian J. Hedger As Punk Munk #666,  Cleo LaVamp as Miss Kloe, Mindy Turano as Aria, Seyhan Kilic as Opera Singer, Yoko Suenaga as Party Waitress, Jim Domiano as Party Guest #1, Paulina Palacios as Party Guest #2, Red Rum as a Horror Burlesque Dancer, Desiree Demonix as the Caged Go Go Dancer, Jessica Shiney Lombard as the Hearse Driver.


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