Movies Galore takes a look at director Steve Goltz feature “Don’t Go To The Reunion” from 2013!

Written By David Strege


Being Slasher Studios first feature and back is Director Steve Goltz as he helms this 80s like retro highschool slasher film from 2013.

It starts like most high school features in the droning voice of a classroom bored from a teachers lesson as always uninterested students of Hamilton High can’t wait to get out of class.  Mike Goltz is back as a Jerkish Jock captain of the football team Joe Wynorski, the type of dude whose girlfriend is the beautiful Erica Carpenter played by Stephanie Leigh Rose most popular girl in school.


On the other hand the school nerd and horror fan Scott Rantzen is innocently pranked by the popular Socialites and their freinds… 10 years later these same freinds are invited to a class reunion.  Pretty much none of them have have seen each other in a decade… it appears that all of them think each other were assholes.

Of course one of the freinds decided to die on a playground before the reunion but the show must go on… Erica is reluctant to go but her fiance convinces her to go. It seems like they have a pretty good relationship meanwhile… Jessica played by the beautiful Hannah Herdt Is the first to arrive. As Erica arrives at the place the reunions supposed to take place it’s at a house she swears nobody lived in all through highschool.


Now I should have said this early this is an actor whose not the director but is the co-director of another film that I’ve already reviewed called Billy Club who plays a drunk in both films but a Friend Nick Sommers as Christopher Lynch. Joe is obviously still a jerk brought his girl Kimberly with a baby on the way… Jessica is glad Brandon made it definitely seems they hit it off like old times. Dave Erica’s man also seems to hit it off with Brandon who was only a point behind being valedictorian than Scott. Joe’s just swearing up a storm always angry full of himself… they all find it odd they were all invited to this house alone… and the each start dying…

Evidently this is really Scott’s party and someone’s out to enact revenge on those who made Scott go so crazy and hang himself years ago… when Erica asked him on a date and put a note inside his locker that he was gonna murder them all… the school took it seriously and expelled him…


I enjoyed this film the characters were hateable the actors and actresses at home with their characters.  Plus with having seen some of these actors before I know what to expect.  The audio is great and the best part I feel is when Nick Sommer’s character gets wasted his head gets cut off on the front of the vehicle lol.

I totally Recommend this back to 80s slasher… plus it’s from wisconsin… check it out man…

Here is the trailer:

Starring Kaleb Shorey as Scott’s Brother, Kevin Sommerfield as the N.S. Killer, Johnathon Krautkramer as Jeremy Craven, Nick Sommer as Christopher Lynch, Steve Goltz as Killer H.B., Stephanie Leigh Rose as Erica Carpenter, Marla Van Lanen as Ms. Sorensen, Spencer Harlan as David Holland, Hannah Herdt as Jessica, Mike Goltz as Joe Wynorski, Tawnie Thompson as Megan Cunningham, J.R. Watkins as Jay Miner, Elise McCready as a Hamilton High Student, Zachary Allen as Killer B.B., Brady Simenson as Scott Rantzen, Hayley San Fillippo as Kimberly Buechler, Tink as a Hamilton High Student, Andrea Ewald as a Hamilton High Student, Melissa Kasper as a Hamilton High Student, Taylor Huff as a Hamilton High Student, Thomas Dehart as a Hamilton High Student, Trevor Dehart as a Hamilton High Student, Catharyne McGinness as a Hamilton High Student, Josh Van Lanen as a Hamilton High Student, Mercedes Redman as a Hamilton High Student, Matty Dorschner as Brandon Kaufman, Jerry Lesperance as Hamilton High Principal, Jonathan Fark as A Hamilton High Student, Cody Klimmer as Killer S2, Teagan Janness-Jording as a Hamilton High Student, Mary Giffin as a Hamilton High Student, Breanna Priest as a Hamilton High Student, Brittny Wunrow as a Hamilton High Student, Andy Taylor as a Hamilton Police Officer.


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