The Sleeping Soul

Written By David Strege


Coming to us from Concept Media Films, directed by Shawn Burkett in 2012 is a very slow realization film that as you watch it surprises you.

It starts with the holding of hands and images of a cemetery and then you see a very calculated car crash evidently perpetrated by a drunk driver…

You are left with the feeling that Grace James is the only survivor left from a horrific tragedy of losing her fiance and child so you see she is suffered home alone with thoughts.


She can not eat can not sleep for dreams that she can still hear the sounds of her fiancee and son… while the lights are off the microWave lights go on doors and cubbards fly open so in a way it appears that she is being haunted with poltergeist activity…

But it’s not really so…

Ive watched four films so far from Concept films so far and have yet to Write the others up but I had to write about this one. You definitely dealt the pain grace was going through especially after she took all these pills and layer naked in a tub waiting for death… when in truth it was not she whom survived…

I have to to this was a well thought out film and often the sound was excellent one thing that’s evident about Shawns films is you can definitely tell he has love of music which I shall talk about later in another film lol

I give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating and recommend it for anyone who’s watched films like The life Before Her Eyes or the Sixth Sense. I’m actually gonna go as far to say this film is in my top favorites now!

Starring Elizabeth Bright as Taylor Masterson, Conor Elwood Burkett as Young Conor Masterson, Luke Burnett as Conor Masterson, Scott Gillespie as the Drunk Driver, Ayse Howard as Grace James, Corey A. Thrush as Cover Masterson.


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