Killer Klowns From Outer Space – 1988


Written by David Strege

On a personal note when you are 5 and have seen this film at this age it sticks with you for a long time especially if your name is Dave…

Directed by the Chiodo brothers Stephen, Edward And Charles this film was made from the ultimate cheese of horror.  I saw this movie when I was 5 and it scared the cap out of me. Set in a small town with what looks like a meteor flying over farmer Gene Green and his animal companion’s head they set out to investigate.  Little do they know it’s a carnival space tent.


Meanwhile Mike Tabacco has taken his girl Debbie Stone out to the local make out spot to you know… but then they see the same met or looking object passover so they too start over to investigate.

Farmer Green and his dog come upon the tent and the dog disappears but then so does Green.  As Mike and Deb being to leave they run into Mikes corny friends selling ice cream in a truck.


Little do they know that while they are a group of 5 or 6 clowns are going around town collecting people in balloons and giant sized cotton candy wraps.  Will Mike, Deb and Police Officer Dave be able to stop the Killer Klown invasion before it’s too late?  Will Chief Mooney believe what’s going on in town?


As the town is taken over by the clowns Deb is kidnapped and Dave, Mike and the quirky Brothers in the ice scream truck band together to ultimately take on the battle of going after and battling a gigantic clown creature what a delightful piece of film piece this was and also my favorite campy film as well as my favorite!


My opinion of it now is yes it’s all kinds of corny but it will stand the test of time and invade everyone’s home in all kinds of bad but also great ways I give it a 10 on the rictor scales!


Shadow puppets, popcorn that eats you and turns into Venus fly traps killer Klown are invading a town near you!

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