We Are Still Here – 2015


If we don’t give that house a new family… it’ll swallow this town up…

… then we’ll do it ourselves…

Directed by Ted Geoghegan starring scream queen Barbara Crapton, I freely admit to being a sucker for a good ghost story but feel no issue with prejudices when I say the movie delivers.

While there were a few problematic aspects, such as the night when the proclamation was made that there was a darkness all around inside the house which cut to a scene of everyone being sound asleep. I suppose it was the consistent use of scotch that helped with this!


That aside there is plenty of atmospheric creepiness with an easy mystery of ghosts that overlie some sort of ill defined ancient evil that had been uncovered. Nice layered evil that had no problem showing us the first layer of quite well done (yes there is a pun there) ghosts. It was, however, the deeper layer of undefined evil that I found, in the end, to be the most fun.

It was this later part that I view as quite Lovecraftian. The unseen unnamed “darkness” that is the real driving force of a quite haunted house. It is hinted at but never shown and in the end remains apart from the rest of the story that is told. Hats off for this added layer. The easily solved mystery with the impossible mystery added in was delightfully refreshing.


I would also add that a careful eye will catch a reference to the “Miskatonic River” in one of the newspapers shown during the initial end credits.


“We Are Still Here still here” is the single best horror film i have seen in years. The film is a little reminiscent of 80’s flicks like poltergeist, evil dead, the fog etc etc. Big names, i know.


Let’s be honest about it, the horror genre has never been in such a bad shape as it is today, thanks to the lack luster, unoriginal productions which marketing budgets try to make up for the lack of creativity and originality. Yes i am talking about sinister, insidious, Ouija, occulus and co. These productions do nothing else but constantly celebrate themselves while tearing bigger and bigger holes into the genre.


“We Are Still Here still here” is genuinely scary, with an unsettling, claustrophobic atmosphere at times. And if you were afraid of dark cellars as a kid, this is your film.


I am not spoiling any of the story here, just pointing out that this film delivers where many of the recent, shallow, pseudo horror flicks totally fail, and that with a fraction of the budget. “We Are Still Here still here” is another testament that big budget and marketing terror can’t replace talent, substance or imagination.

Would give a 10 if the tricks/effects weren’t looking a little crappy towards the end.

Go see this film if you are a fan of the genre.

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