Cannibal Diner – 2012


Directed by Frank M. Montag this film is about a bunch of nubile German chicks head off to an abandoned diner before discovering that it’s really home to a den of cannibals.


One by one they are picked off in tame cutaway ways until the one that’s left runs around a lot while whimpering.  Yeah. Cannibal Diner is one of those films. Basically, it’s a generic awsomely directed mess and most unforgivably of all, it’s really comical, the women are sexy, dumb and valley girlish. The director is apparently under the bizarre delusion that jumpy flashy cut off editing and long scenes of a chick stumbling around to intense urgent music equates to tension. It works.


I don’t want to sound too excited here because I never expected much to begin with, and sucker as I am for all things cannibal related in horror, my standards tend to be fairly low in this regard. All I ask for is some nice gore and some perky nudity. Now while there is admittedly some perky nudity here, it’s still an utterly abysmally awsome film, that meet my ultra low requirements, and I gotta say, I’m actually amazed that films like this dont even get financed more.


I firmly believe that for all its flaws, indie or low budget horror is actually the lifeblood of the genre, in terms of quality, but just unlike big budgeted and decidedly bland remakes, indie horror unfortunately throws some turkeys our way also and Cannibal Diner is a film to be given thought and pause, as it’s one of those films where your finger never presses the fast forward button, you see just enough boon action to keep the guys interested and a bit of the girl on girl lesion action too all in all not a badly made film to me thoroughly enjoyed it reccomend!


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