The Legend Of Resurrection Mary

Written by David Strege



Directed by Kevin Rhoades, starring David Cooper and Frankie Keane roughly of about or around 32 minutes legend tells that Resurrection Mary, Chicago’s most famous ghost story, was hitchhiking home when she was struck and killed by a hit and run driver on the way home from the O’ Henry Ballroom now called the Willowbrook, 8900 block Archer Ave. Soon after her death, people began to experience a strange phenomenon along Archer Avenue, Chicago.


This short is an exact representation of about what might have happened on the night Mary was killed somewhere between Willowbrook and Resurrection Cemetery after an argument from a boyfreind.


I think for fans of true reenactment events this is a decent adaptation what helps is the length it doesn’t take you long to get through it but also that it’s a famous ghost story from Chicago not that far from Milwaukee so to me don’t think there’s many adaptations of the tale either.  Definite worth Your time if you come across it and are into shorts…. what so you think?


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