The Sonatina

Written by David Strege


Kate Balsley, Writer, Director and Producer of “The Sonatina” got the idea from some personal experiences for this short from having not finished her piano lessons when she was younger almost wistful she explained while at the Milwaukee film festival which almost didn’t happen according to her Kickstart campaign but I’m glad it did and got a chance to see it.


Twenty-five year old Chris Westfield has a dead end job in a thrift shop. It pays the bills and keeps him busy, but he dreams of something more… One day someone donates a piano to the shop and Chris rediscovers his passion for music. Despite his age, his boss, his years of not playing and the discouragement he gets from his friends, Chris pursues his talent and his life is changed forever.


Ultimately since having been a musician myself I felt the passion involved being the main actor Ed Poser whom also provided some younger video footage of home videos while younger for the end credits,  Sean Loftu, and Louis Sather this film was a nice surprise and fresh with memory… a must see…

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