Sanctuary: Quite A Conundrum – 2012


Written, directed, and Produced by Thomas L. Phillips winner of the best film New York international Film Festival 2012, winner of the best horror/thriller feature films bare bones film festival 2013, also winner of the best horror comedy from the Chicago horror film festival 2012 this film is full of surprises and comical performances for that which comes from and indie film. Starring Sasha Ramos, John c. Lucas, Erin Nicole Cline, Emily Rogers, Joe Coffey, , Chris Greene, Anthony Rutowicz, Catherine Trail, and Julie Piechovski it starts out with a 52 year old man having an affair with a women not getting into his sex moves or comical talk and then tells him to get out calling him pathetic.


While leaving the old man throws the used condom in her face classic!  After kicking him out the best friend of hers stops by while she’s working out you see her doing some sexy moves to some music, we find out woman has a sister and then they chit chat about what happened and a party later you can tell the friend I’d like a really stuck up chick.  So the friend tells her friend she’s invite this guy with her current man that seems really hot to the party the sister to Mimi the woman smacked by the condom happens to be going out with the son of an overly enthusiastic praise Jesus bible thumper on her way to calling out the church bingo.  So the two sisters the son and the other two young men start having a good time.


Later in the pool all of a sudden the old man pulls a gun on Mimi and her friends makes her say what she said in front of all then shoots himself now they gave a naked Deadman in the pool little do they know the hot wife is sitting in the car they tie her up and later runs hits her head on the corner of a counter, we find out mimis sisters a lesbian and there’s a killer amongst them as well.


I feel this was a well played well acted enough stay at home movie that it deserves a spot to be more noticed than it is between the preachy wife the frustrations of the women struggle to get the sisters boyfriend with a noticeable boner and drag him from the still naked Deadman in the pool just funny all around… some decent song choices too not your normal elavator music… what do you think?


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