House Of The Wolfman – 2009


By David Strege

Written, produced and directed by Eben McGarr when I heard this film was coming out I was looking forward to it especially since the great grandson of Lon Chaney Jr and Son of Lon Chaney the original Wolfman was going to be in it extremely excited starring Dustin Fitzsimons as Reed Chapel, Jeremie Loncka as Conrad Sullivan, Sara Raftery as Mary Chapel, Cheryl Rodes as Elmira Cray, Jim Thalman as Archibald Whitlock, John McGarr as Barlow, Michael R. Thomas as Dracula, Billy Bussey as The Wolf Man, Craig Dabbs as The Monster, Beano as Peter, Rod Spencer As Leopold, Ron Chaney as Bela Reinhardt, Freddy John James as Footman #2 (as Fredrick James), Christopher M. Jimenez as Footman #1 (as Chris Jimenez), Saba Moor-Doucette As Vadoma, Anne Marie Selby As Singer (singing voice).


Good evening… I am Dr. Bela Reinhardt… I am your host… You are the first to arrive this is Barlow he will take your things…


Kinda done in the style of the old dark house 5 strangers are invited to a castle under the pretense that one may inherit it. Little do they know what dangers await at the House of the Wolfman.

With creaking floor boards an already rich hunter from the wilds of africa, a kid fascinated with books, a snobby college man, creepy butler, and rooms being watched by phantoms there is ultimately a tie to Frankenstein and a battle between the monster and Dracula that have some pretty awesome effects for an indie horror film paying tribute to the universal films of the 30s and 40s.


Along the way this group of stragglers strangers unearth the dangerous plot of Dr Reinhardts plan the dominate the world with his creation of the undead… with his mother giving warnings of doom…


The beautiful Emira Cray already making an entrance ads a bit of sexiness to the descending madness portrayed excellent British accent I must say love a women who can speak so eloquently and still be so coy…


Ultimately this was worth the effort and I was sorry to hear the actor who played the Dracula in the film passed away during the filming process so in a way I’m glad I have seen his portrayal of the continually revamped king of the undead his stage theatrical presence was felt and I’m sure in certain circles he will be sorely missed.  Filmed in black and white this is an excellent independent horror film to open yourself to maybe a bit of the acting is cardboardish and corny but I think it couldn’t have been acted better with probably the budget they were on… I think it’s worth it…



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