Frankensteins Hungry Dead – 2013


Directed by Richard Griffen this tale of Frankenstein starts out with a group of high-schoolers on a class trip to a wax museum. images-25Watch as each become the latest victims of the evil doctor Charles Frank, played by Michael Thurber who is attempting to create the perfect human being from the reanimated parts of previous unlucky patrons – reanimating an army of undead mistakes and experiments as the teens try to survive the night.


 Now I found this film to be a little funny especially since his assistant was blown up accept for his head name of Fritz played by Sean Carufel great commentating between the two main characters and I believe Fritz was the original name of the helper of Victor Frankenstein from the early Universal film Starring Boris Karloff… the other thing was after the credits the heads of the two lovers fighting back and forth as heads cute lol.


The other more apparent subject you might also want to be aware of is two of the victims/students are openly gay and there is a love scene between the male couple if this is not your cup of tea at least you are now aware…


Not the worst film, not the best but I feel it has a cheeseness about it that might also be up many horror fans alley. Cheers everyone


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