Jaws – 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival


by David Strege

Directed by Stephen Spielberg written by Peter Benchley it was a surprise to be honored to see Jaws on the silvers screen with my new friend Chris which was also his first time which is something to hold dear and cherish.

When a gigantic great white shark begins to menace the small island community of Amity, a police chief played by All That Jazz Roy Scheider, a marine scientist played by Mr. Hollands Opus and Close Encounters of the 3rd Kinds Richard Dreyfuss and grizzled fisherman played by Robert Shaw set out to stop it from reeking havoc on a town run by a mayor set on keeping the beaches open since the town runs on tourists.

Though I own it there’s nothing like seeing it among what would appear to be people who’ve never seen the film behind me there were shrieks when Bens head appeared unfortunately there was a man who seemed to laugh maniac through the whole film slightly disturbing but other than this was a unique experience alone… you shout Barracuda they think Shark!

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