Movies Galore viewed these Short films at 2015’s Voices Heard Selection at the Milwaukee Short film Festival!

By David Strege



This film was directed by a local favorite Rubin Whitmore II starring Joseph Lyons, Moe Pull, Kerric Stephens, Michelle White, Shawn Jolley, Venise Watson,based on actual events of a recent crime committed by as local cop.  I’m on the fence about the issue myself but this being said you can feel the emotion on both sides of the spectrum as the Pastor of the church after the funeral consoles the family with a message.  The Police man involved in the shooting of an unarmed teen tries to explain he made a mistake but not the reasons they believe. Now I can’t entirely remember the speach but there was a young woman who was a sister of the victim and the speach she gave summed up a lot of the emotion for I feel both sides of the situation… emotional and unexted life after death gets my vot…



Directed by Danny Villanova Jr. And Starring Diego Lodor this 2015 short film is a lot of fun being it got a lot of laughs I feel that this is almost a message to parents since children of don’t listen and go ahead do what they are prone to do anyways.  But on Christmas eve when u hear bells jingle and movement heed the advice and my suggestion Kill it! Santa gives a curious child a warning of what’s under…



Directed by Darren Cole and starring Tyas Mower, Jason Carey this 2015 short was probably my least favorite due to it seeming like the kids were not really interested in acting that we’ll to portray the thought involved in the message of the film it wasn’t until I read what the film was about in the program that I found out it was supposedly tolling the tribal children of the obijwe nation after a underage party but the basic idea of the story is drinking can get you killed.FB_IMG_1442777042604


Directed by Jezse Galante and Starring Arturo DE LA Mesa, Neil Venues in a sense thus to me had an almost scarface type feel to it being that it’s taken from the perspective of a convict who took a fall for something he absolutely didn’t do and because of his bond with family family he’s doomed to exist anyways, but you can see he gained a respect for the act he performed and I think he regretted the time spent in prison since he didn’t leave town when expected… all together it had a feeling of a look back about choices he could have made… not bad.



Directed by Bonnie Janelle, and Starring Moe Pull, Sharron Anne, Anthony Todd this film was slightly depressing in nature for it takes place in an obviously broken home and a young man named Dezire.  His mother is stuck in a repetitive abusive relationship cycle, his stepfather is physically abusive to him as well as her and as the story unrolls the boy is speaking to a counselor of sorts about how to the beatings of his mother he learned to play the drums.  Visually you can see the stepfather is against his learning to drum and has a puss poor view on being involved with his wife’s family definitely and interesting story check it out hmmm…



Directed by Hisonni Johnson while starring Dio Johnson, and Ski Carr this film involves the story of an ex con and boxer who discovers his health is failing so he comes home and fights for his father’s new whom isis training, me this film is about a legacy, eith the unhealthy boxer going out the only way he can… fighting!FB_IMG_1442776910245SPARE CHANGE

Directed by Kenny Lawrance, starring Kirk Housey, and Ty Love this story is amazingly honest and complex when a known ritzy rich beautiful woman known to be a rude person is found drugged in an alley way by a humble homeless man offers her shelter and defends her from harm as a pay it forward kinda act brings her back to her home unharmed.  She in turn went out of her way to find him and give him some money he in turn refused it he just wanted her to remember the kindness… we are left to believe this built a great friendship between the two and was excellently portrayed.



Directed by Sergio Espinoza, starring Ty Write and Amanda Schultz this laugh out loud original comedy of a fledgling romance between one woman one man on a date with personal baggage and another man who in the past dated the women all three having baggage of their own with comical commentary intermixed to make an on the level beleivability of how romance goes these days definitely worth your time I want to see more what about you?



This film happened to be my second favorite of the second set of films for the night, directed by Amar deep Kalek, starring Angela Wamwui, and Ernest Hundreds this film was of ancestry and culture films in Africa of a young woman in a tribe stuck in a traditional marriage she didn’t want but the meaning of the title actually means the fur or hair above a woman’s parts are ripped as she is circumsized for her husband, rich in story and view you could see a story of a woman caught in a culture and the story of her escape from this horror this film is a must see.

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