Paparazzi – 2004


By David Strege

Having worked with Mel Gibson before on some behind the scenes footage and gag reels of Lethal Weapon 2 and 3 Paul Abascal directed this pivotal film about the downside of publicity. Staring Cole Hauser , Tom Sizemore, Robin Tunney, Dennis Farina, Daniel Baldwin, Tom Holland, Kevin Cage, including cameos from Chris Rock as the Pizza Boy and Matthew McConaughey as himself and Mel Gibson the Producer as an anger management patient which is kinda funny since he’s had quite some angry drunken outbursts of his own but I have much respect for Gibson as an actor and Producer in this film as well as other accomplishments.


 The Story begins with rising star Bo Laramie, obviously a family man he is starting to enjoy life in the spotlight.  Every actor and actress knows that with success comes publicity but there are lines that should not be crossed that are evident in this film.

When Photographer Rex Harrison starts raking photos of Bo’s son at a family Soccer games Bo asks Rex politely as a matter of security to stop, the man doesn’t take no for an answer and snaps off some more after the game, Bo notices walks over steaming while Rex Snaps Photos and after a few snide remarks Bo hits Rex whom falls to the ground and says ‘oh your gonna regret that’ slides the van door open and a bunch of his photography cronies snap photos of  Bo and Rex’s injuries, next morning it’s all over the news that Rex sues Bo and wants a public apology Bo doesn’t budge so it begins…images-182

That night at a bar Rex Harrison Hooks up with a Sweet woman named Marcy in for a thrill but not what Rex and his Cronies have in store for Bo.  Laying in wait after an event with his family the group of photographers gang up with Marcy in tow in vehicles using cameras to blind Bo’s view on all sides causing him to ending up reversing his car then getting hit by an oncoming car killing the driver and putting Bo’s son in a coma.


 Marcy has sex with Rex, he video tapes it and threatens to expose it to a senator she works for to keep her mouth shut or else.

Ultimately this film is about a respected rising actor, how his family is harassed and how he fights back there’s one Line spoken by Dennis Farina the lead detective that I think defines the movie all in one, ” There’s one thing I do know Mr Laramie if anyone did anything to my family I don’t know what I’d do…”

Since I also believe this film came about because of what happened to Princess Dianna as well I feel the paparazzi step out of line and cross certain levels of persecution way more than they should and in a way show what one man could do to fight back the only way he really could with so much red tape and publicly humiliated though he was.

How far would you cross the line?

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