Movies Galore takes a look at “The Hangover Trilogy”

Written By David Strege


Directed and Produced by Todd Philips this film Trilogy I wasn’t sure of at first for from the previews they looked ridiculous as heck and normally from previews alone I judge I have to say by the cover but I also like to give films chances so I did.


The Hangover from 2009, follows the story of Phil Wenneck, Stu Price, and Alan Garner making a pact as the “wolfpack” as they travel to Las Vegas, Nevada for a bachelor party celibrating the future marriage of their friend Doug Billings.  Little do they Know they wake up the next morning with no memory of the night before, tiger in the bathroom, baby in the bathroom, a missing tooth, and their missing bachelor… with mike Tyson on their tale with a gay chinese warlord named Leslie, enlisting the help of their manic friend’s genius in cards you watch how this gaggly set of three men who seem to have nothing in common with each other except Doug somehow someway it all seems to be one laugh after another and unlike the critics reviews of the sequels I rather enjoyed the next two all more…


The Hangover 2 from 2011 filmed in Ontario, California, starts as Stu is preparing for a wedding in Thailand to a very beautiful asian woman and you can see her father is not pleased with the match due to Stu’s apparent acting like hes not a man in many things… Stu opts for just a wedding Brunch since he does not want a repeat of last time.  His buddies Phil, Doug and Alan all convince him to have a couple of drinks down by the beach and his future asian wife encourages this frollic but include his future brother-in-law… next morning they all wake up in bangkok Doug is back in the USA but they are in company of Leslie, a drug monkey, Stu has a tattoo on his face as is looks like the missing severed finger of Stu’s brother-in-law is there and Leslie looks like hes just died from one line of crack they are in for another peice together mystery of what the heck happened…


As for Hangover 3 from 2013 Phil, Stu, and Doug are happily living out some very uneventful lives on the home-front.  Alan lacking a sense of purpose being the only member not content in life has ditched his meds and gone off the deep end after his father suddenly dies it forces him to realize and re-evaluate his naturally impulsive lifestyle and with the help iof his buddies take him on a trip for an intervention.  Things eventially go awry on the road meeting up with Leslie after he escaped from prison to steel some gold and betray the wolf-pack in another rompious trip eventially leading Alan to a love interest and a sense of who he is and in the end another well played hangover in the end credits I enjoyed every comical angle of it! Critics You disappoint me again….


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