Movies Galore takes a look at Directorial debut of French Director Gautier Casanave and his “House Of VHS” from 2015 now called Ghosts in the Machine

Written by David Strege


Produced by Marteau Films Productions as part of a perk in crowd funding Sherlock Holmes Vs. Frankenstein, written and directed by Gautier Cazenave, this independent horror film is definitely not bad… six international friends decide to spend their vacation in an abandoned french house.  No cell phones or electronics allowed.


While cleaning out a garage attic on the grounds one of the boys found a trunk full of vhs tapes with weird names on them that they had never heard of… almost an homage to the legacy of vhs this film becomes even weirder when they unearth a 70s vhs machine and hook it up to have a marathon of the films found just for fun.



Little do they know the friends decide to have a night of it again due to an accidental discovery of when suggesting that maybe having a cowboy Vs alien film combined could be cool when one wakes up seeing something come out of the screen everything turns to turmoil…

How many films can they combine to have fun; curious questions arise when one of there friends gets Sucked into a zombie film of their own creation? What will keep them from becoming part of their own vhs movie… as each friend tries to help the other can they escape before it’s too late?



It is now called Ghosts in the Machine not exactly a clever title as the US distributors are ripping it from an actually great 90’s film and flipping an Asylum film maneuver to cash in on success of that title as a marketing venture!

Starring Florie Auclerc-Vialens as The Italian Girl, Ruy Buchholz as
The Australian Guy (as Ewen Blumenstein), Morgan Lamorté as The French Guy, Delphine Lanniel as The Belgian Girl, Isabel McCann as The British Girl, Petur Oskar Sigurdsson as The American Guy.

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