Movies Galore takes a look at short film “A Dubious Night” by local Film maker Nelson Oliveras from 2015!

Written by David Strege

A Dubious Night Film Poster

Filmed in Hales Corners, WI Produced and written by Nelson Tony Oliveras in 2015


and by Mark Koch (Story, Producer) which I had to do a double take I know Mark and he’s an excellent singer but directed by Mr. Oliveras with T.O. Media Studios starring; Michael Denk, Alexys Destiche, Daniel Hass, Samantha Paige, Jim Porter, Rex Steven Sikes, Max Wannow, Kristin Marie Wilson, the story starts out in an old speakeasy-like bar in a small town were every body has hopes and dreams or lost it all.  


You get the feeling right away that there is sadness is everyone’s lives.  You see a bar owner serving a man older drowning in beer mug after mug like no tomorrow… an older weary looking married couple that have definitely been through some years…


In walks in a young beautiful young well dressed lady possibly a lounge singer orders a martini then sits by the table near the front door… in walks a couple all excited like they’d just come back from a high school game or the cinema down the block, the girl talking of a dream to leave the town for bigger and better things… while this happens a young sailed comes in like just from Port to meet up with his beautifully dressed companion… while sitting the beautifully dressed lady noticed she’d recognized the young man with the girl and they’d once had a thing which started making the sailor a little jealous…

The older Married couple piped up to the girl spilling her dreams of getting away… the man said she was naive the woman said she been down that road it won’t work… when finally the old man piped up quiet all of you when was the last time you ever went outside when did you ever last see it actually snow… the young said he right… the bartender piped up saying to the old married couple stop being bitter about your past you should be glad your together in the present… to the sailor and his dame said your man just came in from the see enjoy the time u have before he ships out again… to the young couple don’t ever loose site of your dreams or hopes your more than welcome to leave and find out if there’s anything out there for you but make sure it is what you truly want to do…


And then it began to snow and while the bar tender was speaking it began to pan back and you saw a town… then more… then you saw a globe and then… you saw the outside of a cabinet and realized the whole town was in a snowglobe… I as well thought it had a twilight zone or thriller type atmosphere… I will remember the door as is opened it hit and older-like bell that jingled each time a customer came in also that it was in black n white made the film all the more surreal for a short film I loved the message it portrayed with all the dreams you have or had not there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel…

I thoroughly recommend this tale of small town weirdness…


And now I can say I’ve met Rex Sikes very cool…

I give this film a 5 out of 5 star rating and thoroughly recommend for anyone who hasn’t seen this short film to see it! As it reminds me of a Twilight Zone Episode or an Outer Limits I could see it on a television show like this as its done in glorious black and white.


Starring Michael Denk as Freddrick, Alexys Destichev as Linda, Daniel Hass as Nick, Samantha Paige as Eve, Jim Porter as Frank, Rex Steven Sikes as Wally, Max Wannow as Johnny, Kristin Marie Wilson as Beverly.

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