Movies Galore watched a very cool short film Documentary called “The Map of Maps” by local first Time film maker Sangsun Choi from 2015!

Written by David Strege

Korean map called Daedong Yeojido
Korean map called Daedong Yeojido

Directed by first time film maker Sangsun Choi this short documentery film is about an incredibly rare version of Korean map called Daedong Yeojido was discovered in the library at UWM in Milwaukee.  This is a unique and fascinating story about the possible journey this old Korean map had in getting to Milwaukee.

It’s heartwarming to see so much Korean interest in teaching the children and grandchildren in Milwaukee of their ancestry in korea.


There is a Korean language school near Greenfield in Milwaukee.ïKorean Baptist Church of Milwaukee has managed this program for the Korean children who are born in United States.


Directed by Samsun Choi I think this documentary was unique and gives a future in remembering Korean history being cemented in the memories of generations to come.


Aquired by naval pioneering american diplomat George C. Folks father while visiting Milwaukee it’s assumed while visiting he donated the map to Milwaukee university for the further advances of study as since there were many other documents left in employ to UWM through the Folk family. Worth your time? I think so you decide…

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