Movies Galore Takes a look at short film “Quack” from 2015 directed by Milwaukee Local John Van Slyke!

Written by David Strege

QUack 2

Directed by local favorite John Van Slykes known for (M.E. from 2010, and Nigerians and the Cost of Email from 2009) has also done some exstensive work with film maker Ross Bigley this low budget short film reminded me of many of my first times in a bar being that I myself am socially awkward being social often stuttering when nervous I can relate very much so to the main character left alone at the bar in the end.

With four actors this will have you slightly giggling as you can see the actors portray that uneasy comfort of an unwanted individual.

Glen Popple Actor/Producer is the man holding a beer in the back of the bar
Glen Popple

Evidently not a follow-up but also not a sequel to the award-winning “No Touchie, Touchie,” “Quack” sees Robert and John working through difficulties of social interaction when “The Guy” holding a beer refuses to vacate a chair for an apparently important game.

Starring John Van Slyke as John, Robert W.C. Kennedy as Robert, Mathew Huebch as Guy, and Glenn Popple as Man with Beer.

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